The stuff I learned at school

… dissolved the moment the school year was over. Education is of importance, but we should truly and only learn what we would like and feel it serves us. Recently I decided to not intoxify my brain anymore with more useless information, but move deeper in the feeling than thinking field. Freaking scary, considering that I used to be that mega thinker, rememberer, analyser, information storer.

One of my personal benefits of lyme disease was that I was challenged to learn new things and unless I could feel them, they didn’t make sense.

Mainstream education leaves out the important guidance that we need to tap into the mystery and power within our bodies. without support, guidance and the space to nurture this inner connection so many women experience a profound disconnect from their feminine power.

Considering all the textbooks, grades, formulas, and other troubles at school, I wish every young women was taught on how to use a yoni egg and celebrate femininity, connect with her divine self…
And yes…
everybody knows we can do the ‘man stuff too’.