‘WALK FASTER’… shouted the young woman to the older one. she rushed in her high heels, her skirt dancing around her sexy legs. me in awe how she didn’t get stuck in the gaps between the cobbles.

few steps behind her… limping the fastest version she was able today… her mother. catching my look, I sensed the elderly lady’s embarrassment. unclear if because of her own experienced weakness or the humiliation by her daughter. puddles in my eyes. I felt her pain, and sighed out loudly…

due to my own life changing situation, I was on-and-off staying with my parents for some months now. every day was a new experience. there… they are not anymore the strong, strict and super adults I saw. they know now different things than I do. they have no idea of online stuff, modern researches, and countries I have been to. they are less fast then they used to be. when they stand up, it’s a slow upfolding from the chair. their breath is sometimes heavier. they get tired sooner. the hair is filled with silver threads. their skin is slightly transparent. and their smiles are framed with more and more wrinkles each time I return.

look at them, friends! look at your parents.

look deep into their eyes. find the spark of life keeping them going. while we grew up, they grew older. If you feel challenged by their speed, softness, vulnerability, understanding and especially inability to follow up with modern technology… give them your hand. Kiss them. Embrace them. Have patience. And remember…

who was it again who taught you how to poop?