At times when I find myself in a world of harshness, when brutality seems the only communication, or ice-cold eyes stare at me, when rough faces define the surrounding. When concrete blocks reduce my breath or nature belongs to the others. When I wake up in a land where humans are defined by their achievements, encounters used to compare belongings and meetings only joyful with stimulants … I do feel overwhelmed. And not only once have have I wanted to be numb. To not know. See. Hear. As it if would have changed how I feel. Thank you Jeff Foster for the beautiful words you have put together so that I can gently travel back into my world!

Do not be ashamed of your sensitivity!
It has brought you many riches.
You see what others cannot see,
Feel what others are ashamed to feel.
You are more open, less numb.
You find it harder to turn a blind eye.
You have not closed your heart,
in spite of everything.
You are able to hold
the most intense highs
and the darkest lows
in your loving embrace.

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(You know that neither define you.
Everything passes through.
You are a cosmic vessel.)
Celebrate your sensitivity!
It has kept you flexible and open.
You have remained close to wonder.
And awareness burns brightly in you.
Don’t compare yourself with others.
Don’t expect them to understand.
But teach them:
It’s okay to feel, deeply.
It’s okay to not know.
It’s okay to play
on the raw edge of life.
Life may seem ‘harder’ for you at times,
And often you are close to overwhelm.
But it’s harder still
to repress your overwhelming gifts.
Sensitive ones,
Bring some gentleness into this weary world!
Shine on with courageous sensitivity!
You are the light bearers!
~ Jeff Foster


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