the thought of silence would have scared me to death some time back. to not speak, interact, laugh… would have freaked me out.
my bizzi world and mind, my sooo important and busy life, the constant downpour of information, music, noise.
myself, I am the master of talking. a lot, with my mouth, hands, yoni, full body like most southern Europeans. after several silent retreats and other conscious days of silence the Balinese New Year tomorrow – called Nyepi – serves as a great opportunity to ssshhhttttt me down.
when the evil Spirits fly over the island they should think that it is deserted, so they will not land in Bali. therefore, we are not leaving the houses.

nobody is working, no shops, no restaurants, no activities in the streets, we’re at home, ports even the airport is closed (something unique in the world).
all man made activities stop.
modern sounds silenced.
the experience is that of pure nature: colours, sounds, fragrances, nature… all is more intense.
even the vibration of the space around you is filled with peace.

no, silence it’s not only, but one divine experience on every level. a magnificent opportunity for insights.
I don’t want realism.
I want magic.
Yes magic.
And if you believe in Spirits or not, this day is magic…
and beyond.

dim your noise.