‘Why is nobody around when I’m horny?’ was my timeline post few days ago.
as a part of the breast cancer awareness project one could choose different phrases and share.
yes, we could discuss the (non) sense of it.
but somehow this one resonated most and in my lighthearted way I chose to post it.

sure, I expected diverse reactions. topics like this usually cause turmoil. thanks for all those who have commented openly or in private. and I did receive as well harsh criticism.

while it seems natural to see photos of violence, politicians or fast food adverts in the newsfeed, sexuality seems to upset people. unless practiced secretly in a bedroom. why is it that taking about sexuality is such a taboo…

why is this taboo to speak about something so natural? do topics like digestion, homosexuality or lust need to be silenced? why can we talk about our favourite foods, the new i-phone, but not about sexual experience, desires, preferences.

when I feel like sharing, not inviting anyone to share theirs, what’s the upset? is it because I am a women? is it because I see sexual relationships different than others, missing the marriage status, dropping it like a bomb at the most innocent occasions?

here is my invitation: check in with your views. discuss it with others. or without going into a discussion, respecting the various views, I’d simply like to tempt to think about. what do you imagine when you close your eyes? is there a person, you’d like to make love to? when you play with yourself, who is there in your phantasy? have you always loved vanilla sex, or ever wanted to try something more exotic?

re-shape your thoughts. let others live the sex they feel is right for them.

ahhh… and thanks to those who kindly offered to help me out of my initial situation.

stay sexy.