Your boobs look a little bit like a teenager’s said Finja, my little 8-year-old friend. Her brother, 3 years younger gave them an instant ‘like’.

My boobs have stressed me more years of my life, than they did not. They felt weak, didn’t shoot up the way I wanted. Bras were my saviours – until the moment I undressed. This was the moment of truth and very intimidating. I would always take forever to relax into my toplessness… any look in the mirror would be a glance of despair.

Breasts are for most women a source or lifelong troubles. Women think theirs are too big, too small, too different, sagging, peary, too round, too hairy,… whatever it is … for about 90 % of womanhood these two nourishment suppliers seem to never be good enough. Many believe that other women’s boobs are so perfect that only Mamma Nature could have created them, and let one out when the Boobs-goodness was dispersed.

Mamma Nature has made them to provide food to the newborn. It’s as well the + pole to our male counter human being species. I guess this is what they are mostly identified with. Some would even say that it’s their sole purpose – to attract men and provide them with delightful moments.


The perfect, airbrushed and siliconed boobs in ad’s look just amazing, and they sell everything. From aeroplane-seats over light-bulbs to zucchini-sandwich.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]But could have Mamma Nature really made the mistake to gift all these women with equal, fabulously shaped-sized-balanced-boobs and left us out? No…

We were not meant to look like that. Silicone is not meant to feed babies and according to the men I spoke to, they prefer women who are feeling relaxed with their boobs, to a perfect shape. Because… what’s perfect? Only our idea of it…

BREASTS ARE A SACRED AND ESSENTIAL PART OF THE FEMALE BODY. I understood that my boobs are a perfect and divine creation.

So… here is my invitation for this weekend… love your boobs! honour them, give them a hot-cold-shower, forget about your bra, massage them with some good quality oil, look into the mirror and just imagine that nature made them to fit exactly your body, your whole being.

You have identified yourself with this image all your life, welcome it in a different way today. GIVE THEM FINALLY THE RESPECT THEY DESERVE.

Stay tuned… soon more to regaining health and juiciness through breast massage.



Love of Boobs captured by Carl Emerson