You are 2/3 water.

Your beloved is 2/3 water.

considering this, one would think homo sapiens has understood that water is important for their well-being.

one has difficulties to imagine that we have water available. no, we are not walking kilometres to the next water source. no, we are not carrying water from the well. the modern human forgets to drink and… too many are de-hydrated. be it because of insufficient water intake, dry foods, lack of movement, too much physical exercise,… I recently heard of an app, that reminds you when you need to drink again. really… how disconnected are we really?

your body will send you signals that you are thirsty usually when you are already had too little water. nothing will happen if you don’t drink once. but to deprive your body continuously from water is like a little child asking you for something, and it keeps on asking, until it’s silenced. it will find another solution. so does your body. it will start using the minerals you are storing in your bodies. headaches, back pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, nausea, insomnia, libido disorder,…

Water serves the tissues, the organs, in fact every cell of our bodies depends on water. What else?

  • it balances our bodily fluids
  • regulates body temperature
  • supports our digestive system
  • aids elimination of toxins
  • helps our skin to stay moist and soft
  • keeps tissues, spine and joints in good health


How would we notice that our body is dehydrating?

  • dry mouth, bad breath
  • palpitations
  • joint and muscle pain
  • headache and dizziness
  • tiredness and fatigue
  • insufficient urination and darkish pee
  • dry skin, lips, eyes and all this… what has it to do with the Pelvic Floor or Yoni?

the bodily cells which are insufficiently provided with water, they are in our lower belly too. remember: no water, no flow.
the lower abdomen, womb, yoni or however we call it, is naturally an area we hold so much, we experience strongly, so that it just adds to it.

dry body equals to vaginal dryness. doesn’t feel juicy, does it?

low water intake, little digestive juices, slow flow. and ultimately… a bad digestion puts enormous pressure on the lower belly, so that the pelvic floor has to ‘carry’ much more. all that undigested matter presses onto the PC muscle.

if we finally combine it with many sitting hours a day, pick your fav: car, desk, sofa… it’s guaranteed going to be a tough time for your pelvis. and your PC muscles will be tense.

the best smoothie ever is 100 % water

for your Yoni(health)