a fine selection of the top questions:
will I have a stronger pelvic floor?
can I lift a surfboard with it?
will my sex life improve?

one of the key findings as a fascial therapist is that our womb is relatively unbalanced. in the years of practice I noticed two extremes: muscles that can not be controlled, or too much tension and adhesions in the tissue.

reasons might be various: too much sitting, excessive exercising, unsuitable sports practice, weak and imbalanced digestion, delivery experiences, sexual trauma, hyperacidity, injuries, period pain …

many women are told that they need to train their muscles to strengthen their vagina and to improve their orgasms. this could happen, but it’s not a guarantee. and what does it actually mean to tighten the Yoni zone?

how does it affect when women exercise excessively?
now … imagine a giant muscle-bound bodybuilder playing tennis. a lot of tension but little flexibility. it’s this level of elegance.
a women might not be able to enjoy much of it.
and then:
she is most likely going to hurt herself.

on YouTube there are so many exercises and instructions. nobody with a clear mind would teach Yoni Egg practice just like a live cooking show.
each pelvis is different, experience and onward path requires individual care. a personal, tailor-made practice. a woman with vaginitis has a different practice than a woman with incontinence and one who just gave birth to a sweet baby being.

i the same way I wouldn’t like my partner to learn love making from watching porn, I believe in the individual path of getting to know your Yoni Egg.

personally, I do not practice too often the exercises from Tantra or Tao because I know for myself:
less is more.
I am enough as I am.

I am unlearning about 40 years of my life.
am melting into the zone of not knowing.
because for me… feeling – that is being a woman.
being attuned with my own glorious self.

my sexuality is something that I carry within. I own it.
regardless of partner or practice.
what I removed was layer by layer, years and decades of conditioned thinking.

my Yoni Egg supports me by being just there.
snuggled in the depth of my vagina, it invites me to direct awareness, breathe in mindfulness and celebrate liveliness in this part of the body.
to feel more.
to feel myself.
to feel whatever is present there.

we women, our bodies and energy, the whole essence is gentle, open and receptive. and that’s what I want to be in every area of ​​my life. the fine balance between strength and grace. powerfully gentle. softly strong.
a simple equation in a person.

here is my invitation for you … feel what feels right … sexy, gentle, tender, able to feel every muscle, to control it, for a perfect union of strength and tenderness. or just to carry surfboards or bricks between your legs …

may Yoni Egg Rocks create some magic in your life!

with love.

Violeta Labella