on my Yoni Egg Rocks Tour one question came up very often: will I be able to have strong PC muscles? can I lift a surfboard with it? will this improve my sex life?

my major experience with female pelvis’ is, that it’s unbalanced. we’re facing two extremes: muscles, unable to control or too much tension in tissues. reasons are various: too much sitting, over-exercising, digestive issues, sexual trauma, over-acitidy, injuries,…

most women are told they need to exercise the muscles to tighten up their vaginas, to bring back firmness and better orgasms to their love lives.

what happens if we overexercise? well… imagine a huge-muscle-packed-body builder playing tennis. there is lots of density, but little flexibility. you’d first of all be able to enjoy very little of it, but with an overly stressed muscle you are most likely going to hurt yourself more.

there are plenty of exercises on YouTube and all kind of one-workshop-instructors who have quickly learned all about Yoni Eggs and some kind of muscle training for it.

personally, I am frequently diving into both Tantra & Tao practices. yet I feel that less is more for me. so I simply wear it and focus my awareness to my womb.

I am busy with unlearning 40 years of my life. and I have the rest of my life to dissolve into knowing nothing. I remind myself every day that my sexuality is what I carry within, regardless of partner or practice. and this is what needs to be stripped… years and years of conditioning.
my Yoni Eggs support me in simply being there. snuggled inside in the warmth of my vagina, inviting me to feel myself. to feel more.

we as women, our body and energy, our whole essence is made to be soft, open, receptive. this is who I am, and what I’d like to be. the finest balance between strength and grace. a subtle equation embodied in the women’s collection.

my invitation to you… feel for yourself what feels right… being juicy, soft and gentle, able to control your muscles in a perfect balance of strength and softness. or carrying surfboards between your legs.

may Yoni Egg Rocks Magickkk kick in either way…

with love.