we are made to believe that Menopause is a scary thing…

truly… it can be a scary phase for many women, as this feminine ‘change of life’ is still very misunderstood despite being one of the most powerful and amazing transformations in a woman’s life.

‘perhaps that’s why this extraordinary rite of passage—one that affects body, mind and spirit—has been covered over by secrecy, shame and misinformation.
rather than a loss of femininity, menopause is a time of recovery of the DEEP FEMININE, as biological fertility gives way to spiritual fertility—a truly profound shift in a woman’s life.
as puberty is a time of natural sexual awakening,
menopause is a time of spiritual awakening’

should you be going through menopause right now, your Yoni Egg can offer you profound support to your journey. it will assist you in cleansing what needs to be released and allowing the sensitivity of your body to stay awake.

are you in peri- or post-menopause. sense the depth of your creative source and live the freedom you were always looking for. enhance your deep experience too by bringing awareness to the most sensitive and powerful part of your body.
your Womb.
with love.