do you know that belly-unwell-being, that reflects on your body as a whole? do you know how it feels to go through life with lightness and ease?

many think that it’s natural to use the bathroom every now and again. to carry around the own ‘shit’ for some days.

imagine, you are cleaning your house and keep the bucket with all its dirty content in the middle of the room, for it to spread all over with the first opportunity.

Mamma Nature has made us to cleanse every day, best twice. our organs are designed in this way. ideally first thing in the morning, without coffee, several glasses of water or food beforehand.

our intestines are our second brain, modern science confirmed. traditional medicine and our grandmothers knew… our belly is the seat of our intuition. we are challenged to understand same, if there is ‘unresolved matter’ in these meters of intestines.

especially harmful are artificial things (I am not calling this food), that our body doesn’t know what to do with. food processed in a factory, needs a factory to process it. modern human has moved away from holistic, local-seasonal, self prepared dishes.

feel in… is what I am eating natural? is it treated in a natural way? how does it affect my body? how does my mind react to it? is it attuning with the seasons? do I respect the needs of my body? is it asking me continuously for sugar, junk,…?

listen in, your body is telling you.

many symptoms like pelvic cramps, PMS, vaginal dryness, weak bladder, back pain, menopausal irregularities,… are caused by a weak digestive system.
and… that stuff hanging heavily in the bellies, challenges our pelvic floor tremendously too…

feel free to ask me for advise. personal counselling sessions bookable now.

with love.


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