it’s absolutely natural to make appointments for dining, business, cinema nights, sports,… it seems very strange though to date for love making.

here one of the standard scenes – guess mosts have experienced at least once:
after a stress-packed week, full belly, foggy brain, alcohol infused, porn inspired, love making seems at the end of the to-do-list.

late in the day, between complete exhaustion and half asleep, churning bed sheets, caressing the partner like a dirty cloth, combined with fast breathing, pretended intimacy and fake orgasms.

too. bad. like. really.

intimacy and conscious connection is a great sign of appreciation for yourself and the love to your partner.
should it be sheer coincidence if ‘it’s going to happen’. you know these dates, the lurching, speculations when nobody really knows…

the temptation game – does (s)he want or not? what does (s)he want to say? and all this while you are fully bloated after overindulgence? any conscious idea on what you actually want evaporated, let alone your partner? how are you supposed to understand your own inner voice? to act upon?

how relaxing would it be, if the mental obsession, competition, insecurities would disappear? if we dared to say: ‘I’d like to make love’. if we’d be free to share our desires, as we usually do (let’s go to the Italian restaurant!, how about watching this movie?, shall we jogg at 7 a.m.?

have the courage to experience this new approach without stress.
make a date for love making.
switch off your phone, be unreachable for the rest of the world, park your children at friends, take time for yourself and your precious connection. that human being that is going to join you in this time of sweet exploration.

love making isn’t at the touch of a button. possibly you’ll experience some pressure if there is a time frame.
breathe deeply. start with eye gazing.
sink into intimate togetherness.

dedicate this time to yourself and your partner. watch what’s going to happen. there is no agenda. or do you go to the cinema to watch a movie, when you know how it’s ending?

rejuvenating your love making experience will reward you immeasurably. even… or in particular, if you are in a relationship.

make love.


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