as a body-therapist and healing-artist, world-traveller and outside of the box-thinker I’d say I have knowledge in many fields of life. so, friends do ask me for assistance. sometimes more, sometimes less. if you are offering service of any kind, you probably know what’s coming next…


what’s the best way to integrate all, so it becomes a desirable connection in this love triangle?

let’s start with some innocent quotes from my inbox:

I’m planning this holiday, but I decided not to tire myself out searching for information and answers, so I thought it’s easier to ask you to tell me where to go and what to do (in writing).

I have inserted my Yoni Egg, don’t feel anything…. had this reaction… feel juicy… what do you think this could be? (Saturday night 1 a.m.)

Just bought a sailing boat and don’t really know how to organise sailing cruises. Remember you did something like this in the past. Could we meet over a cup of tea, so you teach me how to run retreats on it?

when you go to your supermarket, petrol station, shoe shop, it is taken for granted that you pay for the goods you receive. when you go to a doctor, a car mechanic, a bank, you pay a fee for the service (even for a quick look inside). where I come from we’d say: nema džabe ni kod stare babe. meaning: even old grannies won’t give it for free.

and here we are… life – health – love – art – computer – yoga – pleasure – grafic – travel – design – coaches – secret keepers – healers… somehow we appear in this big wisdom bubble as free love sharers.

my impressions might not reflect on everyone’s, but here what I discovered for myself:

  • I value my time. I truly absolutely love doing nothing. if I do something it has to bring me more joy than doing nothing.
  • as per international standard my day has 24 hours. I try to find a pleasurable balance between all my activities.
  • if you ask me a small question, which can be replied with yes / no / or another one word sentence, I’m very happy to assist.
  • if the answer requires me to connect, check, support, train you… then you certainly wish to hear more than one word.
  • working holistically means often to start with looking at the whole picture. therefore we might need more than just one moment to feel in how we can assist you best.
  • each connection is an energy exchange and it should be honoured from both sides, oops! or was it three?
  • as much as we’d love to live in a different economic set up, we all need to secure our financial existance as with money we have to pay the grocery, the car mechanic,… too
  • dear friends, strangers, followers, lovers, readers and knowers of those who offer above mentioned insights… if you have a friend with these wonderful skills, respect their work and understand that they would like to be respected for their work too.

… and as they love you and value your friendship, they will put much more than their regular wisdom into any paid (even discounted) session, because… you know…. as a friend you really matter to them.

with respect to all those who have reached out or honoured my support!
I loved our threesome!

creating triangles.