have you ever heard this?

weak pelvic floor – > Yoni Egg large
strong pelvic floor – > medium sized
super strong – small one will do

I did… and I am astonished.

what seems to be a guideline, is often a misguiding-line, many women are following. in the years of Yoni Egg Rocks on one side as well like offering manual therapies on the other, it always seemed like a semi-truth. the only truth applying is the rule that the Yoni Egg has set.

we could ponder… what is a strong pelvic floor, what a weak one, what means tense and what feels soft? you know when some men say: you are sooo tight! and I wonder, tight, tense, trained? what exactly?

our Yoni is not only the living space for our muscles, organs and Vagina (ooops… did I say the V-Word?), but we must know that the myofascial tissue and anatomic structure of every women is different. in fact every life experience is memorised in this very intimate part of our bodies.

fact is as well that weak pelvic floors, might need smaller Yoni Eggs with more density, or younger women a larger Yoni Egg. a mature women might ‘against all odds’ need a smaller one as well.

it might have been illness, interruptions of her flow, injuries, sexual experiences, conditioning, but as well beautiful, opening and sensual moments, that shaped your Yoniverse.

so, how would you know what size you need?
look at it? won’t do a thing.
investigate? probably neither.
feel it? maybe…

therefore… let Yoni Egg Rocks skills find ‘your match’ amongst 7 different sizes and about 10 qualities. you can chose between a drilled and a non-drilled one. sometimes I ‘get involved’ and help women move from their mind – through their heart – towards their Yoni Wisdom.
so far, for the fullest satisfaction of my Yoni Egg Rocks friends…

looking forward to your match!

may it bring you love.