in the first Yoni Egg days my magician occasionally bid farewell – usually when I had to release my bladder.
urgent releases made me sometimes running out into the garden or somewhere into nature, just to avoid having it land in the toilet bowl.
now… in our so developed western part of the world the roads are not particularly suitable for pee-blessings.
though, I must admit, I lately found myself stopping on the side of motorways or in Berlin traffic jams, as I was so traffic-stressed that despite my practice I could not hold it anymore. (by the way, girlfriends: nobody really looks at you when you pee, really)

here are some small tricks that might be supportive for you at the beginning:

  • remove the yoni egg before it gets to ‘urgent’
  • hold it with your hand, if you feel it slipping
  • jump into the shower / bathtub
  • or water the garden

and one possibility, shared with by a Yoni Egg Rocks friend:

  • tie a thread around the thigh – especially in case you wear your Yoni Egg at night, to not forget when morning comes

ideally, and this is the goal when you are advanced, you can go completely without removing or dropping your Yoni Egg – be it a smaller or a greater job. ideally our goal is, and in fact the Yoni Egg supports your ability to ‘isolate’ these different muscles. that means: urinating and bowel movements come naturally and don’t make you push out the Yoni Egg. it’s a great practice for free menstruating, enhanced orgasms as well like birth giving or self-lubricating your Yoni.

get it? it’s a bit like – controlled moving of one finger at a time. we are naturally designed with the ability to feel every little bit. let’s take our power back. one pee at a time.

have some rich waterings and great moments of laughter!

with love.