one of my sweetest phases is the one of the New Moon.
a time of the new beginnings.
a rather calm moment of the cycle.

they also call them Moon Days, because women would naturally menstruate in these days. not all of us are menstruating in line with the moon, and it’s ok.

the few days around it are my personally deep-intense MePhase.
the new moon can not be seen, so it’s as well my invitation to invite anything unseen.

I use this time to feel how the last cycle has gone.
what challenges and pleasures I experienced.
this calmness, which in daily or seasonal rhythms could be described as night or winter, I reflect with a remarkable depth that sometimes astonishes me.

inspired by Luna I bring most of my texts to pen, many new projects are being born then. what’s not useful for me also dissolves, I get clarity on what’s significant in my life and also much that is due to explanation, finds its completion.

my New Moon meditation is often inspired by intentions:
what is it that’s I would like to?
what’s my next, which direction?
what is the next level of personal growth? and and and…

and like every new moon go all my Yoni Eggs are receiving a moonbath. this is done by setting it up on my terrace or window, smudging slightly with sage, and whispering my intentions to them (I know what you must be thinking… but hey, remember… I talk to them when I match you too)

for me a perfect time to dissolve what the Yoni Eggs might have caught, to neutralize them, to welcome them with fresh energy into the new cycle.

… and of course to foster the fabulous connection to my Yoni Eggs and above all myself!

Lunatic wishes.