In the tradition of Yoni Eggs, the secrets were passed on from Woman to Woman only. from Sister to Sister.

to me it seems important to continue with this tradition
… maybe you have met me already at a festival or an event… know that at these gatherings we women create amazing vibrations while we listen, chat, laugh and share with each other…

but what’s so special about us?
women with pure intentions are working under fair conditions for Yoni Egg Rocks.
our materials are exquisite. our manufacturing hand made.

for those that are being made in Bali, I know exactly in what way each Yoni Egg is being created. we strive to preserve its energy.

at times it might happen that I cant offer you to order because your perfect match will be finished during the next production period. this is because sometimes the best match for you, is still in the making.


in our standard collection the prices are uniform. so that female over-thinking is eliminated and woman can surrender. of course we respect when a woman is called to another one than a Yoni Egg of our proposed selection (usually 2-3 different Yoni Eggs).

I have written quite enough about the size so far, therefore shortly: I do not know what size your MouMou is. after I ask the Yoni Eggs, I’ll know which one is resonating with you. this will give me the information we need. and again. not the size of your MouMou, but the size and quality of the Yoni Egg you need.
There are no rules when it comes to Yonis. Fullstop.

Bali’s High Priestess Ida Resi blesses our Yoni Eggs, before they go on the journey. this in itself is a special experience every time.

when you decide to use our matching service you will find no anonymous shopping carts, non-emotional platforms, and dumb fulfilment centres.
when you order with us, every single Yoni Egg is hand-selected by me, packed and sent with love – you may have noticed my <3 -messages on the envelopes. There are no sets at Yoni Egg Rocks. to me they represent a phenomenon of our economic system to purchase things nobody ever needs. 2 for 1. Buy 5, get a free daily paper. Buy a train ticket and sign up for your life insurance. that’s all nonsense my dear friends. because 1: you do not know if you need one of the Yoni Eggs in Large, possibly medium is too big for you too, or Small too small. because 2: you change your lust, mood and life situation daily … ok, as women sometimes also every minute therefore we offer a collection of 7 different sizes, and a huge variety of qualities that also fit to your life path. What Yoni Egg Rock’s Matching means: if a Rose Quartz of our collection suits you, it does not mean that a pink stone egg from the China shop next door or from Amazon is suitable. It means that exactly this Yoni egg, from about 1000s of my Yoni Eggs has chosen you. no other one. Yoni Egg Rocks means: a fair compensation for a special service. as unique as you are. the ‘Geiz-ist-Geil’-mentality that came up in Germany some years back – meaning as much as: ‘Stinginess is a cool thing’ is very low vibration and in my eyes not at all female quality. the most important thing for me is exchange and respect. fullness, wisdom and generosity. but above all generous heart energy. that means woman to me. it is important for me to contribute to your happiness. when I feel what is good for you. to offer you something that suits you. a piece of uniqueness. and most importantly: just as I care about what comes into my mouth, it’s equally important what comes into my vagina. she is my greatest treasure. because is my holiest place. in love. always. Violeta