recently I woke up in the middle of the night. the screams I heard made my blood freeze.

300 m away from my place rituals seem to have been happening all night. first scared, then at ease, realising it’s coming from there, I fell asleep again. these ceremonies were happening daily.

those of you who know Bali, know that:

prayers and offerings are a daily ritual

ceremonies happen regularly

same can easily last all night long

generally nothing new. therefore I didn’t think about any further.

on the last night, I walked by and talked to the locals at the temple. the Balinese told me something that I could first not understand fully. partly because of language and through all these sounds. then I realised… this must be a ‘Corona’ ceremony!

the ceremony was going on several nights long aiming to approach Corona’s spirit, to acknowledge and ask to spare Bali and its people.
it was not regarded with panic and worries, but with the same respect and appreciation, that all entities and beings receive here.

it’s regarded as something natural, a circumstance of life, that has its right to exist. it was given offerings, to soothe and ask for gentleness.

it’s now nearly 10 years that Bali was my home and lately as the birthing place of my Yoni Eggs it remained my second home. it’s a place I always return to. that part of the world, that gives me a feel of belonging most. that means a lot to a seeker whose own home country dissolved.

in all these years I had so many intense and precious learnings. I understood that the Balinese regard the world in different ways. in the first moment very interesting, I realised it inspired my normality.

this never ending power and limitless ability of its inhabitants to create a safe place of appreciation for everything and love for all never fails to fascinate me.

I am aware that in ‘our world’ we are so trapped in the science, verifiable facts, easy understandable for the mind – repeatable, provable. so that we would not believe in the spirit of a virus.

I have no idea if it works. and I’m not entitled to say it’s the way forward. there is for sure not only this or that way.

moving on however – I feel we could need both of it.
the facts, the rough, structured.
the invisible, the gentle, the almighty.

Bali is one of the most phenomenal places on this globe!

may the power of the Balinese prayers, keep their island protected. and people from all over the world safe.

I am grateful to have learned to look at things from many different perspectives and regard the world around me in awe.

may the spirits be soothed. for Bali. for us.
let’s move with love and courage!


Violeta Labella