embodied femininity means to me to stand in my womanhood as if someone had planted me. the roots deep, the spirit high. the center strong and the heart open.

it was a long journey on my own. through my self-experience I feel empowered to support other women on their journey.

in my PussyTalks, we create a personal and safe space for a talk from woman to woman. I’ll be answering your most intimate questions about sexuality, menstruation, womb wisdom, femininity and vitality. in this framework, I create the foundation to provide you with holistic support, to respond to you and your needs. I wish to accompany you with my heart and mind on your way to enhanced wellbeing, to give you a deeper intimate experience, vibrant vitality.

these PussyTalks also provide a space for your very own questions about the Yoni Egg use. I will design individual exercises to you, that are useful to increase your womb awareness.

to assist you with your personal questions, it is important to me to learn as much as possible about you. in exchange I will serve you with my wisdom gathered from all over the world, and times.

In short: through your PussyTalks with me you’ll receive a complete package that brings long term benefits, vitality, pleasure, and (life) joy.

PussyTalks can be booked anytime from anywhere.

Available via WhatsApp or phone. at best ‘in real’.

energy exchange: 75 euros for 60 minutes.

Email to book: