womb blossoming through your PC muscles


are you someone who rolls your eyes whenever you hear about kegel exercises? or are you someone who has no idea what, where or why pelvic floor muscles even exist? whichever one you are, say no more, today’s article is all about the PC muscle a.k.a the pelvic floor muscle!

the PC muscle stands for pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the pelvic floor muscle. or what I like to call – the love muscle. it’s in the shape of a hammock and sits underneath the pelvic organs, supporting them. anatomical fact – men actually have pelvic floor muscles too, but this article is not about them.
a woman’s pelvic floor muscle supports her womb, bladder and bowel.
this is the muscle that is working when you stop yourself while urinating. here’s a hint, they’re also the muscles that naturally contract when you have an orgasm.

you may have heard about the old-school story of ‘picking up an imaginary pea, holding it for 3-8 seconds, and letting it go’.
you may think it is very simple, and in principle, it is. but the issue many women have with exercising this specific muscle is that they can be tricky to isolate. as well as the fact that most women don’t exercise these muscles on a regular basis. to be honest… most women I work with don’t exercise at all – until it becomes a necessity.
therefore I created several programs to move out of this taboo zone.

some of the reasons that it’s very important to exercise your PC muscles as women are:

  • it helps improve bladder control
  • it can be supportive for your bowel
  • it reduces the risk of prolapse
  • women feel easier recovery after childbirth
  • increases sexual sensation
  • boosts orgasmic potential

and… with great health, comes great wealth:
it increases social confidence and quality of life

and those are only the reasons science has been able to discover thus far. which leaves potential for so. much. more.
of course the main reason I am all excited about and I am here for, is the fact that being connected with their wombs allows women to experience waaaaayyyyy more pleasure! you pretty much unlock many more degrees and levels to which you experience sensual pleasure by paying more attention to and exercising this muscle in your body.

one of the best ways to find your PC muscles is to imagine you are peeing and to flex the muscle you would flex to pause a pee flow. it helps to bring more awareness to that area of the body and to notice which muscles are activated and which aren’t.

try not to practice this in the middle of a pee as this can staunch your natural flow. try not to use your ab, leg or buttock muscles when you contract the PC muscle.

if you find that these parts of the body are moving while you’re practicing, chances are you’re activating the anal muscles and not the PC muscles.

now as with any muscle, you need to bring awareness to it on a regular basis. this is not just something you exercise once for a few days and then voila, best sex ever forever. no no no honey… if it were that simple, there would be no war anymore.

start with an easy practice. eventually go with what we know as kegel exercises.

sooner than later, after regular practice, you and your partner will be able to flex these muscles actively DURING lovemaking, which will only add to the beautiful pleasure and make a nice cocktail of orgasmic deliciousness.
like with any exercise, you can mix and match and find a routine that works for you, and keep practicing!

the best thing about doing pelvic floor muscle exercises? you can do them anywhere! I loved doing it during a business meeting, while I was teaching Yoga Classes, during lovemaking, talking with my friend… wherever!

what’s even better than that, is that using a Yoni Egg is the perfect tool to practice strengthening these babies effortlessly. the Yoni Egg increases blood flow to the pelvic floor helping these muscles stay supple, dextrous and energised with life force energy. however, it’s not just about tightening and toning the vagina, the Yoni Egg also helps to relax and soften the pelvic floor muscles.

ultimately the pelvic floor, like every part of our body, works a bit like the principles of Stira and Sukha – the Yogic principles of strength and flexibility. we need strength to stay firm in our alignment, and flexibility to move with lightness. imagine it like a huge trampoline – you need it tightened and fixed properly in order to hold you, as well as flexibility to experience bouncing… otherwise you could simply jump on the concrete. speaking of such: some pelvic floors actually feel concreted.

as you see, bringing awareness to your pelvis, honouring your womb, consciously exercising and using your Yoni Egg always supports you in whatever way you need when it comes to exploring and experiencing your ultimate pleasure.

keep strengthening and flexing!
stay sexy.


Violeta Labella



Catharina Suleiman is the artist of our blossoming womb. see more of her creations on: Catharina Suleiman – Mixed Media Artist
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