… a handful of love always helps, especially when it’s right on my Yoni!

for most of us, it seems absurd to think of sexuality in times of crisis. let alone live this sexuality out actively.

you might be thinking now:
S’e’x in times of Corona?
for real? is she gone crazy?
like if the world had no other things to deal with?

I know how this feels. I often caught myself when stress was slowly creeping into my life and the love-making-motivation grew less and less until my libido completely shrank.

my Yoni probably thought: ‘how boring my human is. let’s rather be silent because she doesn’t hear me anyway.’

well … we can look at it in many ways. S’e’x is and remains one of the strongest forces that exists.
just consider that it is: as powerful as to create new life.
how valuable this creative power is. we are all here, you are actually reading it, because this potential has existed and still exists.

it is also a fact that all tense energies and intense emotions can be transformed through S’e’x. I’ll just say: S’e’x M’a’g’i’c. anyone who knows the ritual knows how powerful it can be.

pleasure is a neuro-physiological process we all were born with. it serves us on many levels.

S’e’x is often the loser during the fight, flight and freeze mode. therefore we might suspect that it’s not meaningful during this time. actually it has the tendency to fall asleep – since we don’t need the sexual organs in this mode – this is usually the first thing to go down when stressed.

of course, you can activate your sexual strength to boost your immune system through the hormonal kick.
try to practice it often.
with yourself and others.

nature has dedicated some little helpers for that. biochemical messengers that communicate between the organs. like the nerves, but a bit swifter.
let me introduce you some of those who support you:

Endorphins are the body’s own opiates. they relieve pain and provide a little kick of happiness.

Oxytocin strengthens the immune system and reduces pain sensitivity. they discovered that this binding hormone promotes trust, empathy and generosity.

Cortisol affects the blood vessels and metabolism. in healthy doses it increases our viability.

Serotonin and norepinephrine are commonly called ‘happiness hormones’ as neurotransmitters along with with Dopamine. they are the ones that create the ‘rose-coloured-glasses’ effect.

Dopamine itself ensures well-being and satisfaction. it promotes balance, which in itself could also prevent depression.

Testosterone, which is present not only in males, but also smaller amounts in women, lowers cholesterol levels and sharpens the mind.

this hormonal cocktail therefore provides a feeling of safety, security, calmness. something that can provide an incredible boost of energy in stressful times and achieve a RelaxationBoost effect.

if this sounds to dry for you… I’ll invite you to remember your love making. surely you know the ‘floating-on-clouds-feeling’ after a sweet union.

the above mentioned, along with many others, make up the best defense system in the world. even if you experience it being a bit sleepy right now, it can be activated over and over again. your body knows how to release those feel-good and bonding-hormones.

those will not change the circumstances you are in, but will definitely change your perception of same.
feeling anxiety-reducing and calming influences in moments of tension often has a supportive effect.
feeling your own primal power can be life-saving.
living your pleasure out can be liberating.

so … connect to your your favourite love-making-human. make love and save yourself … it might change your world.

stay in love.

Violeta Labella

p.s. if you don’t have your favourite love-sharing-human next to you, learn to practice loving yourself. after all it’s the most important connection you have.

Image: pexels.com
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