like fog, this veil of silence sets their soft weight over the night.

tingling in the air,

disappearing darkness,

slow waking up of the night.

a slight vibration on the skin.

new beginnings …

every day.

again and again.


my best beginnings are those I can start consciously and peacefully. in the traditional Healthcare, the morning is the time of day that symbolises strengthening and grounding. connected with rooting and stability. the phase in which I plant my seeds for what grows and blooms during the day …

my energy is ideally fresh and supple.

the vitality is bubbling in and all over me.

for a very long time I hesitated to buy a smartphone. at some point I was convinced: it’s the 21st century and everyone should have one…

soon I caught myself on several occasions to pick up the phone first after opening my eyes. and already the vacuum starts… wuuuuuum! the bombardment with unimportant news, could stream without end, coupled with the impulse to best return to bed right away …

I knew that it would not work out! I can not give up my power and vitality out of my hands. literally … from my hand it poured into the infinite-virtual …

even before Yoni Egg Rocks, I had to be constantly available for work: customers, business partners, bosses, colleagues, team members, … by 8 am I was already flooded with all kind of information.

to honor myself, I have been integrating these practices into my life for some years now. they make it easier for me to start the day and also support me to walk through this day with good energy and a positive approach.

the first thing I do in the morning is to stretch myself while I’m in bed … my body gets the first impulse: I’m awake.

then I slowly walk into the bathroom and take a big spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth, and with that I blubber around and pull it until it’s all spread out nicely and done its job. during the first years of oil pulling, I had the feeling that I had cleaned my entire upper part of the body out.

of course, immediately afterwards, I go to toilet, for my bowel movement – an essential part of the morning hygiene.

going to the bathroom in the morning without drinking, eating, moving or even sipping coffee is how nature made us. ideally, we cleanse the colon twice a day. if this is not the case for me, I know immediately: stress, diet or insufficient water intake.

our body with its internal detox system worked throughout the night and prepared everything for it to get rid off.

to not clear the intestines in the morning is a bit like cleaning your house and then putting it all together with the bucket in the middle of the room. the first one passes by, tips everything and distributes it all over. especially for the gentle intestinal walls, it is important emptying instead of holding back, because everything returns into the bodily cycle. in our home we would not pile up our rubbish under normal circumstances either.

then I go to shower and refresh my body. in the morning always without soap & its buddies. for me it’s very sensual to sense my pure skin. my current favorite is: cold water. that’s unbelievably-uncomfortable, but heartily-glorious. these liquid pearls tingle so joyfully on my skin, and my mind gets animated.

warm water is already ready for a cup of lemon water, which I supplement with a glass of wheatgrass juice or a vital mushroom mix.

Cuddle factor:

then I decide whether I go back to bed with my cup of tee, sit down comfortably and turn to my meditative self-massage. my goal is not orgasm, or lust … a simple: ‘good morning you miraculous human being’ with the appropriate touch is a subtle awakening of my zest for life. if then orgasm joins in, why would I say no to this level of pleasure?

on some of the warm days, I merge both by grabbing my yoga mat, going to my terrace and letting the sun shine between my legs. this is my favourite way to practice my breast massage.

my own breast massage ritual has often helped me find myself right in my body fully embody my femininity. I take the Boobies Oil, that I have from Bali, pour it into my hand, spread it and love my breasts just as they want to be loved.

for the greatest joy factor: take the time and experience it very consciously.

on some days it is enough for me to turn on music, shake and dance to it, to feel the liveliness. on other days I just listen to my own sounds. then I just move to this tune, which is only there for me. it’s always a great pleasure to me, because I feel like this music is just playing for me and as if I’m a shining star of the universe.

if not yet in another form, then next follows my meditation, which I perform according to the teachings of transcendental meditation. after that I also like to dedicate myself to my yoga practice.

at some point I go to the kitchen. my breakfast is already waiting for me. this had soaked it the previous evening and I cook it up the next morning. it’s a relatively healthy breakfast that I’m very, very used to, that supports me so well, keeps my belly warm, and gives me the right strength to start the day, to gracefully enter with my energy.

most of the days I leave two to three points out. in principle my routine is the only thing on my day that is predictable, which I can somehow regulate for myself. that’s why my ritual is especially important to me.

otherwise my day is very much subject to current developments, spontaneous ideas, very short-term inspirations. over time, I’ve learned to listen to what’s up. how do I feel: writing, filming, accouns (well, that’s rarely the case), …

to give myself to them, the morning hours give me the grounding and the actual bond with everything that is around me. through this energy, I also have the creativity, desire and strength to give myself to my process.

I am fortunate to mostly be able to decide for myself when to get up and how to start my day. this is a luxury that I can shape by self-employment. I also know that the beginning of the day is different for all people. sobering: somehow I realized this when a mom told me that she feels happy when she can go to the bathroom and have 5 minutes only to herself.

also: my ritual consisted of many years of coffee and cigarettes. until I realize how little I care. suddenly nothing works. I have discreetly invited changes and for over a decade I have been practicing observing my own needs for the start of the day.

however, there may be a thing or two for you that inspires you to start your day like this. maybe the meditation, the Boobies or Yoni Massage? or the natural way of body cleansing?

I like to get up a few minutes earlier and then find a lot of satisfaction in this offering to self. it is the little rituals that give me the feeling of self-care. I do not need to wait for the once-a-year-holiday, or buy something special to myself. Self-love begins in every moment. and it’s now.

most hours of the day I stand for this and that and mainly in service. in fact, I am worth it and therefore this time, which I take in the morning, is alone and only for me.

maybe it also motivates you to create your own ritual. none of this is the best or only way.

all in its time. and for me the most favorite time is the morning …

love the day.

every beginning anew.