did you ever experience it: reaching your limits over and over again?


that you NO wasn’t heard, not noticed or valued?
that you were pulled into a questionable-laughable position?
have you been told that your needs are not comprehensible?

I know how this feels…
I experienced it too many times in my life.
simply because I saw more, I heard more, I smelled more, felt more…
I would feel, hear, smell, taste things others would not even notice.
every too much, every crossing of my boundaries would let the bells in my head ring loudly…

setting my personal boundaries ist not a mechanism to control someone else, but serve for my own empowerment. therefore it doesn’t matter if others think my boundaries are of little avail.

proper boundaries – being clearly communicated – are a great way to build up a healthy relationship. especially in our intimate life.
it’s a delicacy to recognise my own needs and bring them across in a appreciative, pure way.

what’s important for me too, was to recognise: respecting and valuing boundaries others have set me is a fabulous way to check in my acceptance and unconditional love towards them.

for more respect of our own selves.
and others.
in Love.


Violeta Labella

art by Dylan Sara
Divine Art und Natur Pigment

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