Yoni Egg Black Obsidian

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The black Obsidian stimulates your self-growth and removes limitations

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Obsidian Yoni Egg

About Obsidian

Obsidian forms naturally in the earth as a result of volcanic activity, making it an igneous rock. Obsidian is created when the margins of hot flowing lava known as obsidian flows, cool quickly into solids with high silica content. Obsidian received its name from the name of the person first recording its existence in ancient history, a Roman explorer named Obsidius, who encountered it in Ethiopia during the Roman Empire.

Obsidian’s Long Historical Significance

Obsidian is one of the longest-used minerals on earth, with evidence of its use going back to before the Neolithic age. Obsidian artifacts found in Northeast Africa inside modern-day Kenya date back to approximately 700,000 years, while items found across Europe also date back to the Middle Paleolithic age, approximately 300,000 years ago.

Significant deposits of obsidian present in the Middle East from modern-day Lebanon to modern-day Iraq were used for a variety of tools and decorative objects. Middle Eastern records are also the place of the first historical record of Obsidian’s use in civilization, found during archeological explorations in modern-day Syria.

In the southeast of Europe, the region of the continent with increased levels of volcanic activity, obsidian was sourced from a variety of locations including modern-day Slovakia, Greece, and Hungary. Obsidian items have been found all over the European continent, evidence of their value in trade dating back thousands of years.

In the Americas, ancient cultures used obsidian extensively for a wide variety of purposes, including tooling, decoration, battle, and ceremony. Obsidian is known to have been a part of ancient cultures spreading from modern-day Mexico throughout Central and South America as far south as Chile.

Interestingly, because of obsidian’s high silica content, its ability to be polished to a beautifully reflective surface is responsible for it being used as a material in early mirrors.

In modern times, obsidian can be found as the main material in many decorative and functional items, ranging from small beads in jewelry to the bases of record players.

The Metaphysical Properties of Black Obsidian

Obsidian is associated with truth-telling and the revelation of knowledge, perhaps because of its readiness to be transformed into a reflective surface. Polished obsidian has been used both literally and metaphorically as a window to the truth, in the literal sense as a rudimentary mirror and in the metaphorical sense as a material for crystal balls. Indeed, obsidian’s dark color can be considered representative of its strong revelatory power to expose that which is hidden in the dark.

Obsidian’s remarkable potential for sharpening lends to its reputation for cutting through illusions, maintaining sharp focus, and clarifying mental states. Obsidian is also associated with staying grounded to the earth. Proponents of obsidian use it in jewelry, yoni eggs, and other personal items to assist in balancing clarifying the mind to overcome fears and distractions.

Due to its infinitely dark and reflective nature, obsidian is also associated with its ability to channel and ground negative energy, for example in assisting in removing blockages to support continuing self-growth and spiritual development.

Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs

Black obsidian’s unique properties combine to create an equally unique yoni egg. Yoni Egg Rocks obsidian eggs are produced to an extraordinarily smooth and polished finish in the spirit of obsidian’s unique qualities, evident in our product photography.

Obsidian yoni eggs are a favorite of earth-lovers: people who feel a connection to the earth. They are also enjoyed by people who seek to see truths about themselves and the world that are hiding below the surface.

Our obsidian yoni eggs are made in the care of loving hands and support the employment of women in a woman-owned production shop. We squeeze every last drop of care into our obsidian eggs so they arrive to you with positive energy and a loving touch.

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