Yoni Egg Clear Quartz Crystal

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Quartz Crystal: Special, Universal, Abundant

Quartz is a hard, strong crystalline mineral found everywhere on earth. Quartz is a very abundant material – in fact, when combined together in all of its various forms, quartz is the second most common mineral in the crust of the earth. Quartz has played a role in human history for as long as we can find evidence of human existence.It has been, and remains, the most commonly used mineral for a number of creative human expressions, including jewelry, carving, and certain scientific applications.

Because of its presence in ancient and pre-history, quartz even has an important linguistic history in the development of certain word roots. The modern word “quartz” is Germanic, coming from the German “Quarz”, which in turn comes from the Polish “Kwardy”, meaning “hard”. Elsewhere in Europe, ancient Greek referred to quartz as “krustallos”, which hints at such modern words as “crust” and “crystal”.

Clear quartz crystal, sometimes referred to as rock crystal, is a colorless and transparent or translucent crystalline quartz formation.

Clear Quartz in Nature

Because of its prevalence in the earth’s crust, clear quartz and other quartz varieties can be found in many common geological formations. Quartz, and particularly clear and smoky quartz, is a necessary ingredient of granite, a widely distributed and highly regarded stone valued for its strength and beauty, and durability, deriving in part from its high quartz crystal content. Because of quartz’s extraordinary resistance to weathering, it is commonly found at the bottom of rivers, streams and lakes, outlasting the long-term degradative effects of water that other stones do not.

Quartz, unlike many other minerals and semi-precious stones, does not require a tightly defined set of circumstances to form, instead forming in a variety of geological conditions. Quartz is most often found in magma resulting from previous volcanic activity, but can also be found forming around hydrothermal areas in the earth’s crust. Quartz can be found in granite, gypsum, sandstone, and many other compositions of rock.

Clear Quartz Through Human History

Clear quartz has been a part of human culture since time immemorial. Going back to ancient Egypt, pyramid builders (correctly) believed that quartz was a tool for channeling energy channel and so used it extensively in the construction of skyward-pointing pyramidal structures, intended to serve as a connection to the world beyond.

Cultures in South America carved large pieces of clear quartz to resemble human skulls, believing that they were portals or vessels for the spirits of their deceased ancestors. Stone skulls are a lasting interest for both historical and metaphysical researchers.

Perhaps the most famous use of clear quartz in more modern times is their use in constructing polished round balls, often used by mystics and clairvoyants to see and read into the future. Clear quartz is the most commonly used stone, and was perhaps the original stone used to make crystal balls.

Ancient Japanese culture revered clear quartz, relating it to the power and benevolence of the dragon archetype. Due to its strength, clarity, and purity, clear quartz was thought to be a physical distillation of dragon’s breath.

Because of its abundance throughout the world, archeological digs across the planet have turned up clear quartz artifacts dating back hundreds of thousands of years, ranging from carvings to jewelry.

Unique Scientific Applications

Highly pure quartz crystal has an extraordinary ability to vibrate at a stable and reliable rate and at specific frequencies. Clear quartz exhibits piezoelectric properties – that is, the crystal itself gains an electric potential under mechanical load.

Because of these properties, clear quartz crystals are used widely in a variety of mechanical and electrical applications. The most notable of these applications is in crystal oscillators, which can be found in everything from clocks and radios to computers and cellphones, as well as precision instruments for medical technology, communications, and laboratory work.

One of the most well-known uses of quartz as an oscillator is for tuning a simple FM radio. As a user turns the turning dial of the radio, a current is applied to a quartz crystal, which oscillates at specific frequencies which correspond to the bandwidth of the radio signal, effectively filtering out other frequencies and letting the correct radio signal pass through it to be amplified by the radio.

Clear Quartz in Metaphysics and Spiritual Practice

In the way Green Jade used to be the ‘healing stone’ of the East, Clear Crystal Quartz was considered to be ‘THE’ stone for our part of the world. This is probably the reason they call this Clear Crystal Quarz: the Master Healer.

Clear quartz is closely associated with clarity, and for good reason. Although the stone’s physical clarity is a strong hint of this tendency, its ability to assist in the transmutation of energy through controlled oscillation is very real and scientific evidence of quartz’s ability to receive, filter, and transmit energy. Related associations in this regard include:

  • Mental clarity and strong concentration
  • Memory retention
  • Clearer and more meaningful dreamstates

Clear quartz is also regarded for its ability to harmonize and stabilize environmental energy. It is used extensively in feng shui and related environmental practices for this purpose. In addition, because of its clarifying properties, it is also considered a tool for increasing creative energy, building self-confidence, and expanding a person’s general ability to grow and receive wisdom.

Clear Quartz Crystal Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs made from clear quartz crystal are as mesmerizing as they are functional. Manufactured responsibly by women and for women, Yoni Egg Rocks clear quartz crystal eggs are the perfect beginner egg.

Clear quartz crystal eggs are a natural evolution of rounded and polished quartz crystal balls, applied for the benefit of your yoni.

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