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Stone of Endurance

Red Jasper stimulates your sexuality as well as your physical and mental strength

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Red Jasper

Present throughout the world, jasper is a variety of quartz crystal formed in the presence of various elements, most commonly iron, giving the most well-known variety of jasper its distinctive red color. Jasper is a very hard stone, comparable to other quartz varieties, and has been used for many purposes for many millennia, including decoration, carving and ceremony.

Red Jasper’s Formation and Presence in Nature

Like other quartz varieties, red jasper forms in silica-rich environments in the earth’s crust. In the presence of iron deposits, the silicon dioxide crystallizes while mixing with the iron, creating a reddish color throughout the stone. It is commonly believed that the presence of moving hot water, referred to as hydrothermal circulation, is required to form jasper, due to the more or less uniformly dispersed iron throughout the quartz crystal.

Depending on the specific geological conditions during the time of formation, red jasper can be formed with wide variations in visual appearance. Red jasper can appear mottled, striped, spotted, or unblemished with a uniform reddish color.

In geology, jasper is most well known for its visually powerful presence in the vast regions dispersed around the world, known as banded iron formations. These layers of iron, quartz, jasper, and other minerals and stones, are found in Australia, North America, Indonesia and elsewhere around the world.

Red Jasper’s Distinctive Visual Appeal

Due to the process and interactivity of the minerals involved in its formation, jaspers can exhibit a variety of visually captivating features. When cut or polished, these so-called “picture jaspers” can even display patterns or designs that resemble human art, for example a drawing or painting of a particular scene.

Because of its wide distribution, visual appeal and variations which depend on their terrestrial location, jasper has been given a large number of local and regional names around the world. “Rainbow jasper”, “porcelain jasper”, and “African red jasper” all refer to specific sources of jasper with specific qualities unlike jaspers found elsewhere.

Historical and Modern Day Uses of Red Jasper

Jasper is a highly workable stone because its strength as a quartz crystal variety is tempered slightly by the presence of the more malleable iron inclusion.

Red jasper has been carved, polished and shaped for thousands of years, wherever it is found on earth. Jasper was worked extensively in the Iron Age, appropriate for its iron content, evidenced from artifacts from South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East dating back to this period. Ancient Egyptians used jasper for figure carving, ceremony, and potentially even as decorative elements on royal garments.

In more recent recorded history, red jasper has continued to be the choice for stone working many decorative items. European cultures have used red jasper to carve vases, jewelry boxes, letter seals, and many other small and medium-sized items. Until today, jasper remains a common stone in jewelry, including rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Red Jasper’s Spiritual and Metaphysical Aspects

Because of its iron content and often blood-colored appearance, red jasper is closely associated with matter of the blood and the heart.

Jasper has long thought to be a stone that increases strength and bravery, building courage in the face of adversity. This is evident, for example, in the ancient Germanic tale of Sigfried the dragon-slayer, whose sword was inlayed with red jasper, or in its use in the ceremonial attire of various kings and queens throughout history.

Red jasper is known to be grounding, balancing, and calming, providing a strong and deep connection to the earth. It is considered by some to be the best at grounding and connecting to earth energies.

Some cultures, including ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, saw the veins of red jasper in the earth as symbolic of the blood of their mother planet, and accordingly considered jasper to be a stone of vitality and fertility.

Jasper is well-regarded for its stimulation of sexual energy and increase in libido. It is associated with the root chakra and is thought to stimulate kundalini energy, balance and focus sexual energy, and assist in grounding couples to their common ground.

Red Jasper Yoni Eggs – A Natural Combination

If you have had a dry spell in your love life, if you feel disconnected from Mother Earth, or if you need a boost in your courage and vital energy, the red jasper Yoni Egg might be the best match for you. It’s THE stone when we want to feel connected to Mother Earth, as it’s intimately connected to our root chakra. Considering where it sits, it seems like a double win for you.

Yoni Egg Rocks sources our red jasper responsibly and produces our jasper Yoni Eggs by hand, by women, in a small scale business.

You will understand the difference with our Yoni Eggs – not only in the sensation of the stone, but in the knowledge that the crystals in your Red Jasper Yoni Egg were exposed to loving hands and sent with your highest achievement and purpose as our goal, as it is with everything that we do here.

You might feel the difference. Your Yoni definitely will.

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