Yoni Egg Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz attracts positive sentiments and is heart opening

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Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

About Rose Quartz

Rose quartz Yoni Eggs are made from a particular variety of quartz crystal stone called rose quartz, a semi-clear to translucent quartz with a light to dark pink coloration. Geologists do not all agree on the specific cause of the pink tones inherent to rose quartz, but it is thought to be a result of small amounts of manganese or iron present in the stone, or perhaps small amounts of dumortierite. Most rose quartz is not transparent because of the amount of other minerals in the stone, which are responsible both for the pink color and for the translucent qualities of the stone. Like all types of quartz crystals, rose quartz is a trigonal crystal and it can be very hard and strong.

Rose quartz is relatively abundant on earth and is usually found in large deposits. This relative abundance may be a primary reason for the stone’s popularity as a material for Yoni Eggs. The stone has a tendency to form around fractures in the earth that are full of mineral deposits and mixed with water, called hydrothermal veins. When rising water and minerals find their way into a break or crack in a rock, the minerals deposit themselves into the crack and fill in the space, creating a vein. Rose quartz is one of many stones which are often found in such veins.

Because of its attractive color and ready availability, rose quartz is a popular stone for decoration, jewellery making, beading, and other arts and crafts involving stones. Small pieces are often tumbled and polished to make pieces for rings, earrings, necklaces, and other decorative items. Depending on the way that the stone was formed in its natural environment, rose quartz can sometimes be cut “against the grain” of its crystal axis to produce the affect of asterism, the refraction of light into a six-sided star corresponding to rose quartz’s six-sided crystalline structure.

Rose Quartz Geography & History

Like many other similar stones, rose quartz is found in countries with abundant deposits of precious and semi-precious stones. Brazil, India, Mozambique, South Africa, and Madagascar all operate large quartz mines where rose quartz, smokey quartz and other quartz varieties are prevalent.

Rose quartz has a rich history dating back to prehistory, from Europe and Asia to America. Ancient stone beads made from rose quartz were discovered in modern-day Iraq and dated to approximately 9000 years ago. Reports have come out that rose quartz artifacts have been found in the burial chambers of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Other rose quartz artifacts have been dated to the Roman empire of more than 2000 years ago.

Legend & Lore of Rose Quartz

An ancient story from Egypt relates that the goddess Isis used rose quartz as a source of a youthful complexion. An ancient Greek legend mentions the goddess Aphrodite being cut by a thorn bush and the blood from the resulting wound mixed with that of her injured lover Adonis and stained the normally clear quartz crystal pink. And yet another legend tells of Cupid’s delivery of rose quartz to earth as an inspiration for love.

Rose Quartz's Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysically, cultures around the world from ancient times to modern generally regard rose quartz as a Love Stone: it is related to the concerns of human love, desire, and human intimacy. Its pink color and proclivity for softening abrasive relations are naturally conducive to matters of human connection.

As such, many related qualities and uses for rose quartz in general, and by extension rose quartz eggs in particular, have been posited by metaphysical practitioners and spiritually-minded people; among them are promoting family unity and harmony in relationships, easing heartbreak and grieving, increasing self-worth and self-trust, increasing compassion, and opening the heart for increased receptivity to love.

In the Tantric practice Rose Quartz is often used to soften and soothe stagnant energies. It allows the opening on heart level, a supportive quality when embarking on the Tantric path. A vital one, when engaging in a loving way. The capacity to love is equal to the capacity to open one’s heart. Therefore a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg seems to be a great supporter on all level. It's even said that carrying a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg might invite a lover into a woman's life.

Particularly opening a woman’s Yoni energy, this intimate and sacred part of her body is worthwhile discovering slowly and gently. When experienced in a caring and loving way the woman bursts of vitality and allows a graceful, powerful and pleasurable connection.

Yoni Eggs Created From Rose Quartz

Rose quartz eggs are a natural choice for many women because of their soft pink color, calming beauty, and metaphysical associations with love and intimacy. We recommend them often and put a great deal of care into creating our rose quartz eggs.

There are many ways to use a Rose Quartz. Ultimately everyone decides for themselves how to bring it into their lives. As a gentle supporter in harsh times, it definitely serves the purpose and allows lightness to find its place in our bodily home and become radiate same to our surrounding.

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