This milky, snow-white innocence cleanses and revitalizes on all levels.

Milky Quartz Yoni Egg:

General information about Milky Quartz:

Milky Quartz - also known as Snow Quartz - is a widespread and important healing / energy stone from the Quartz family. Its milky-white, mostly opaque appearance explains its name. Depending on the condition and deposits, this stone can also appear snow-white and semi-transparent. As a rule it has a satin sheen, but sometimes it can also be found with a glassy sheen. It is associated with inner harmony & peace, as well as balance and vitality. Its cleansing power makes it a popular detox stone on all levels.

Milky Quartz in Nature:

As silicon dioxide, Milky Quartz is a representative of the oxide mineral class and is subordinate to the Quartz group. In addition to Rose Quartz, this group also includes Clear Crystal, Amethyst and Rose Quartz... just to name a few. It is mostly of magmatic origin and can therefore be found, for example, in layers of rock such as granite. Incidentally, its milky-cloudy color is caused by the smallest amounts of stored liquids or gasses, as well as foreign minerals trapped and mixed in to the stone.

Like other Quartz, Milky Quartz is widespread and can be found almost everywhere in the world. Above all, India, Brazil, Madagascar and the USA are gifted with large Milky Quartz deposits. White Quartz is almost always Milky Quartz.

Milky Quartz in Human History:

Milk quartz has long been known for its resemblance to the drink that comes from animal udders. Around the 18th century, the Swedish mineralogist Wallerius described it like this: "... looks like fatty milk that has been washed up with water and not stirred enough". In addition to the designation as Snow Quartz, the term Miner's Shotgun was also widespread - presumably because it was found by miners in underground tunnels next to a large number of flints and was visually easy to see next to them. However, you will find it difficult to start a fire with it.

Jewelry production, as well as raw material for glass and porcelain production are the main uses of Milky Quartz. In addition, Milk Quartz is traded as a healing or energy stone.

Spiritual and metaphysical qualities are said to be:

  • Positive effect on the Crown Chakra
  • Inner harmony & peace
  • Balance
  • Vitality
  • More trust in the environment

Milky Quartz Yoni Eggs:

With a color of creamy milk-white to white-gray, semi-transparent to opaque, these eggs are user friendly for Yoni Egg beginners.

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