Shipping Information

a healthy environment is vital for all of us. especially for something intimate it’s important that it reaches you in great shape. therefore, we mostly use natural, recycled materials for our packaging and shipping. this allows us to save Mother Earth’s natural resources.

it starts already with your care & wear information. you will receive this from us in a digital format. thus, this little guide is available, whenever you have your phone nearby. it’s best to save it directly onto one of your devices. just in case …

Your order is always and only packed discreetly. nobody will have a glimpse of what valuable content this shipment carries.

as we are just talking about … your shipment arrives as a little package with delivery. upon reception it needs to be confirmed. although the overall Yoni Egg Rocks influences are very international, our shipping is from good old Germany and therefore relatively fast.

as you can see, our service is thoroughly thought through up to the last detail.

enjoy receiving your order and the new friendship!

how do I order my Yoni Egg?

you can use our classical webshop:

if you prefer a personal matching, the best way to order is to use this form:

only then you give me permission to take action for you. fill in the form, send me a photo or some words about you. ideally both. as soon as I have checked in with the Yoni Eggs you will receive an e-mail with two to four suggestions of Yoni Eggs, that are reacting. in this e-mail you will also find all other information about the processing of your order.

am I obliged to buy a Yoni Egg from the personal selection?

you are not. if any other magically attracts you, let me know and we will find a solution. I certainly prefer a thorough service, in the same way it’s important that you are satisfied.

if you feel like ordering directly, you can do so through our classical webshop.

why should I send a photo?

you are not obliged to send a photo if you do not want to. knowing you is easier for me to give you personal advice and match the right Yoni Egg for you. just imagine, you want to get advice about buying a dress for someone else. it is easier for the saleswoman to imagine the wearer-to-be when she is shown a photo. if you do not want to send a photo, this is also welcome. just click yourself through the modern webshop, with click and go.

what happens with my data?

only the contact and address data, which are necessary for the completion of the transaction are stored according to the legal requirements for implementation until completion.

when and how will my Yoni Egg be shipped?

your Yoni Egg will be dispatched by registered letter or as a package as soon as possible upon receipt of payment. you will receive your Yoni Egg lovingly and safely packaged, with a personal touch and, of course, discreet and inconspicuous.

why does my Yoni Egg look different than those in the pictures?

your Yoni Egg is a natural product. therefore it is one of a kind and unique – just like you. the creations of Mother Nature cannot be influenced by us, so deviations in color, pattern, shape and texture are inevitable.

why can’t I decide for myself?

of course the decision as to which Yoni Egg you are buying is up to you. with our matching service we can offer you an important help in finding the perfect Yoni Egg for you. because as unique as you are, every Yoni Egg is also special in size, shape, weight and quality. more information can be found on the blog:

if you already know what you wish for, please visit our classical webshop.

how to start?

it’s best to start with a generous dose of love, self-respect and patience with yourself … create a space for yourself and take your time to make friends with your new Yoni Egg. if you are unsure and still want some advise, just read this article:

in addition, we’re soon launching accompanying meditations and support in audio format.

how to clean my Yoni Egg?

before the first use, but especially before AND after each further wearing you should clean your Yoni Egg. a bath in boiled, lukewarm water is best. you can find more tips here in the blog, please read them. they are as important for your Yoni health as your Yoni Egg itself.

where do I find the instructions for care and use?

to make sure that you and your Yoni Egg enjoy each other for a long time, we have put together some suggestions for you below. some might sound strange, as they are a collection of wisdom from all over the world. be surprised:

which size is best for me?

our Yoni Eggs are as individual as you are and it is hardly possible to make a general statement. my thoughts about sizes I summarized in this article for you:

why should I start with a bigger Yoni Egg and work my way to the smaller one?

… a recommendation based on half a decade’s work with Yoni Eggs and again as much as Women’s Vitality Coach. according to my experience it makes more sense, as it is more demanding to carry a smaller Yoni Egg than a larger one. anyway, in a personal match, you’ll find out which order is working best for you. also you will feel with time and experience what is right for you, and intuitively make the right decision.

what to prefer, drilled or undrilled?

there is no clear answer to this question, because it can be a different one for each woman. some prefer the sense of security they have with a drilled Yoni Egg at the beginning of their journey, others feel better without it. we work with original Yoni Eggs. you’ll recognise this with the fact that our drilled and not drilled Yoni Eggs are same price level.

here are some thoughts:

what if I cannot keep the Yoni Egg?

Yoni Egg wearing is not about a marathon. 1-2 hours in the course of a week are enough to bring out a change. if your Yoni Egg wants to leave its cuddly place too quickly, stay cool. there can be many reasons for this. everything is alright with you, maybe your little helper just did his job for today. read other possible reasons here:

what if the Yoni Egg does not want to get out?

sometimes your Yoni Egg will not show the slightest inclination to take an airing, but you think it’s time or you need a break … then take it. it is good if the Yoni Egg stays in the Yoni for 1-2 hours. if it stays longer, this is not an issue. but should not become a regularity. when you do sports, you’ll take a break too. after all, all experiences, emotions and events need integration. give your Yoni the time to do so.

here you can find your personal companion to accompany your Yoni Egg out:

what is special about Yoni Egg Rocks?

you as a woman are unique, just like the Yoni Egg that is meant for you. we want to honor and appreciate this. a humane togetherness and cordiality are so important that we incorporate them already in the process of selection, production, blessing and the presentation and offering and want to pass this on to you … quite traditionally from woman to woman.

more info:

when should I not wear the Yoni Egg?

there are few phases in the life of a woman where we dissuade from wearing her Yoni Egg. these include pregnancy, menstruation, acute conditions in the lap area (fungus, infections, …), as well as the use of intrauterine devices (IUD), directly after medical interventions as well as incompatibility of the material. we are not a medical-therapeutic counseling center. please discuss your personal situation with your doctor or naturopath of your trust. I gladly advise you and recommend places to go.

can I use the Yoni Egg in spite of hormonal contraception with an IUD (IntraUterine Device)?

Yoni Eggs are around much longer than IUD. back then it could not be tested, so there are no empirical values. principally the Yoni Egg sits lower than any IUD and even a penis during intercourse goes in deeper. you will not want to make a headstand while wearing your Yoni Egg. however, for personal questions please consult your medical doctor.

and what about the Yoni Egg and sex?

basically it is not intended. personally I feel it’s amazing wearing it during sex.

although it is important to emphasize that the Yoni Egg is not a sextool, a lust-enhancing effect could be experienced. simply because you could become more sensitive and experience a better perception of your Yoni. your orgasm ability could be refined. with a healthy pussy of course, women also have more desire for pleasure …

for the sake of fairness and respect for your partner you should inform him before wearing it during the loveplay.