is both our health and vitality, and our zest for life.
in exchange it contributes to the preservation of these.

how would it feel if we could have access to our natural, healthy, very own pleasure at all times?
how would it feel if we could play with ourselves the way we want?
do you have an idea how your sensuality would feel, the one that you really desire? how does your own body feel if you see it as a playground for discovery? how much would you like to celebrate these delicate moments of ecstasy?

it’s time to transform our S:EXuality.

our own primal force.

to get to know our pleasure.

finding access to erotic ecstasy.

techniques are no guarantee for moments or orgasmic bliss.

techniques don’t deliver continued passion or s’e’x’ual satisfaction.

‘wrong’ techniques could even cause unpleasure, libidofreeze and even trigger unresolved traumas.

every change to a more orgasmic lifestyle is requiring a change of lifestyle. ultimately, if you are honest with yourself… probably it’s the way you live that got you there in the first place?

keep your pleasure alive. remove the armour that you created as your self-protective shield. layer by layer. in this nakedkess I invite you to speak out your dreams, desires, needs and boundaries.

to divorce shame, guilt and fear.

your pleasure will be alive again.

it will guide you through life.

live s’eXstatically.

and with love.

Violeta Labella

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