a healthy environment is vital for all of us. especially for something intimate it’s important that it reaches you in great shape. therefore, we mostly use natural, recycled materials for our packaging and shipping. this allows us to save Mother Earth’s natural resources.

it starts already with your care & wear information. you will receive this from us in a digital format. thus, this little guide is available, whenever you have your phone nearby. it’s best to save it directly onto one of your devices. just in case …

Your order is always and only packed discreetly. nobody will have a glimpse of what valuable content this shipment carries.

as we are just talking about … your shipment arrives as a little package with delivery. upon reception it needs to be confirmed. although the overall Yoni Egg Rocks influences are very international, our shipping is from good old Germany and therefore relatively fast.

as you can see, our service is thoroughly thought through up to the last detail.

enjoy receiving your order and the new friendship!