General Terms and Conditions
Yoni Egg Rocks
these terms and conditions serve as an orientation for non-German speakers. thank you for
support in case you read something that you’d express differently in English.
1 Scope
(1) The following terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions with
Yoni Egg Rocks, Inh: Violeta Sredojevic, Pillenreuther Str 90, D-90459 Nuremberg,
hereafter called Yoni Egg Rocks or “me”. The legal transactions can be achieved by
telephone, by e-mail or via the booking system on the website.
(2) Consumer within the meaning of the following regulations is any natural person who seals
on a legal transaction for purposes that are not to be assigned predominantly to neither their
commercial nor their independent professional activity.
Entrepreneur is any natural or legal person or a legal company which, in the course of
entering into a legal transaction, exercises its self-employed professional or commercial
(3) The version of these GTC valid at the time of the order applies.
(4) The prices valid at the time of ordering a product or booking a coaching session with me
If certain discount or promotional offers are advertised with friendship codes,
these are limited in time or quantity.
2 Subject matter and general information
(1) The subject of the contract is the purchase of a pelvic floor trainer from energy stones
(hereafter referred to as Yoni Egg) and / or the coaching session for the enhancement of the
general well-being.
(2) In addition, training, meditations and visualizations are offered.
(3) Since there are different Yoni Eggs (size, quality, punched, unperforated) I need some
information from you to choose your individual Yoni Egg. Therefore
my order form contains primarily the required data for the purchase:
Name, first name:
E-mail address:
Destination Country:
In my shop you can also specify your information and also upload a picture
– if you want to.
Based on your given data, I will pick 2-4 Yoni Eggs suitable for you.
The more information you share, the better I can choose the product which suits you best.
Your additional data will be deleted after selecting the Yoni Egg. The
Data for the checkout will continue to be stored according to the legal deadline.
3 Conclusion of the contract
(1) The subject of the contract is the purchase of a yoni egg and / or a personal coaching to
increase general wellbeing.
(2) All offers on the internet are non-binding and do not constitute a legally binding offer to
conclude a contract.
(3) You can make a binding purchase offer (booking) through my online booking system
submit. You buy a pelvic floor trainer by following the steps below:
1) Under the heading Order you will find my order form.
2) After you have entered your details in the order form and clicked on the button BUY
NOW, you make a binding request to me for a Yoni Egg for the specified price plus shipping
costs to buy. To make sure that you are the one who wants to make a purchase
this e-mail contains a confirmation link. After you have clicked on this link, I will start
working on your order.
3) You will first receive an e-mail from me offering 2-4 suggestions for your individual yoni
egg. This e-mail is the acceptance of your offer. At this point of time the purchase contract
between us is concluded.
4) As soon as you send me an e-mail specifying your order for a Yoni Egg / Yoni Eggs and
the payment has been received in advance, I prepare your order for shipping.
5) As payment options the payment by bank transfer, if necessary also by PayPal or
Credit card payment is available.
You will then be redirected to:
PayPal PayPal (Europe) S.à rl et Cie, SCA
22-24 Boulevard Royal
L-2449 Luxembourg
The terms of PayPal apply. These can be checked under
Likewise, a connection to the credit card service provider is established. The payment takes
place via their website.
Individual coaching packages are possible by arrangement. Here you get one
invoice with the payment details.
You should be healthy to use the Yoni Eggs. In case of complaints or
feeling unwell, please consult your gynecologist / non-medical practitioner BEFORE
Each Yoni Egg is unique and will be conscientiously commissioned by me and carefully
selected. Nevertheless, I can not accept any liability concerning the effect on your body in
use. Should you be pregnant, use internal contraceptives, have acute medical conditions, have
medical interventions in your pelvic area, but also in case of uncertainties, e.g. whether you
tolerate the material, please clarify this in advance.
I am not a doctor or therapist. A medical or therapeutic consultation does not take place with
your purchase.
4 collection, storage and processing of your personal data
(1) To carry out and process a booking I need the following from you
– First and last Name
– E-mail address
– Postal address
– In my shop you can also provide more information or upload a picture of you. (I will delete
this optional data immediately after shipping the Yoni Egg.)
(2) I use the data provided by you without your separate consent
exclusively for the fulfillment and completion of the contract.
(3) If you change your personal information, especially if you change the
Email address or address, please let me know by email.
5 Right of withdrawal for consumers
(1) As a consumer have the right of withdrawal in accordance with the caution listed in the
Annex. Consumer is any natural person who completes a legal deal which for the most part
cannot attributed to neither their commercial nor independent
professional activity.
(2) Each pelvic floor trainer is a one-of-a-kind item and will be specifically selected for you.
Therefore it is not possible for you to send back the Yoni Egg.
Also for hygienic reasons – because I can not retrace whether the Yoni Egg was used – a
return and therefore a revocation of the contract is excluded.
When you order from me you thus renounce the right of withdrawal.
(3) For the booking of consultations you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days after purchase.
6 Delivery of the goods and shipping costs
(1) I deliver to delivery addresses within Germany, the EU and worldwide.
(2) Depending on the country in which the goods are sent, different
Shipping costs will incur. All prices include the statutory VAT but excl
respective shipping costs.
Shipping is determined by the size and quantity of the goods. They are within
Germany up to 7 €, within the EU up to 9 € and in all other countries up to 10 €.
It is vital that you make sure to pick up your package & communicate irregularities.
(3) If delivery is not possible – eg because you have entered a wrong address,
or you did not pick up the package in time at the store – I have to levy shipping costs again. If
you withdraw as a result of the contract, I calculate the under
point 7 (3) mentioned matching fee. Decisive is the information about the
deliverability on the postmark.
(4) Usually in the context of my e-mail, in which I give you some Yoni Eggs
recommendations I give you an estimated delivery time. If no time specified in the e-mail the
delivery of goods in Germany ist o be expected within 4 – 5 days after incoming payments.
(5) No delivery on sundays or public holidays.
(6) It should be noted that public holidays are not federally standardized and the services are
provided in different federal states, e.g. Bavaria. The above-mentioned characteristics for
holidays are therefore valid for public holidays in each federal state in which service
providers are involved in the completion of an order.
(7) In case of delivery delays, I will inform you promptly.
(8) In case of unavailability of the ordered goods, I reserve the right not to deliver.
In this case, I will inform you immediately and refund payments already received
7 Payment, due date and retention of title
(1) The purchase price is due immediately when placing an order. The payment of the goods
takes place in advance by bank transfer, or on request by PayPal or credit card. The purchase
price is to be paid in advance. Only after receipt of the payment I send you your goods.
(2) The goods remain my property until full payment.
(3) There is no separate matching fee (which Yoni Egg suits which woman).
This is our service. In case the bill is not paid after the conclusion of the purchase contract,
the matching fee of 19 € incl. VAT plus a dun fee of 5 € will be charged.
(4) If fees arise due to chargebacks, these are to be fully paid by the the respective customer.
There will also be a processing fee of 5 € levied. The same applies for chargeback of
unsolicited payments on my PayPal account.
8 Warranty for purchases of goods
(1) The product images may differ from the appearance of the delivered products, since we
use natural materials and handcraft to produce it.
(2) If the goods are flawed, I will in due time care for subsequent performance, i.e.
elimination of the defects. As our products are mainly produced in a limited number of
pieces, a subsequent delivery of an identical product may not e possible. In consultation with
you we will send you an adequate product. Is the form of subsequent performance chosen by
you only possible with disproportionate costs, we are entitled to perform subsequently in the
other form.
(3) The period of limitation of warranty claims for the delivered goods is one year from
receipt of the goods.
9 Limitation of liability
(1) As a consultant, I do not diagnose and may and will not give medical advice and
(2) The counseling is not psychotherapy or curative treatment and should not replace any of
them. The consultation requires a normal mental and physical capacity. If you suffer from
diseased conditions, you are required to seek medical treatment.
(3) I am liable for intent and gross negligence. Furthermore, I am liable for the negligent
violation of duties whose fulfillment is the proper execution of the contract
in the first place, whose infringement jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the
contract, and on whose compliance you as a customer can regularly rely. In the latter case
however, I am liable only for the predictable, contract-typical damage. I’m not responsible for
the slightly negligent violation of other than those obligations mentioned in the preceding
The above exclusions of liability do not apply to injury to life, limb and
Health. Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.
(4) Data communication over the Internet at the current state of the
Technology can not be guaranteed faultless and / or available at all times. I am so far not
liable for the constant and uninterrupted availability of my online trading system.
10 Duration of a coaching session and compensation
(1) Courses and consultations are always offered individually.
(2) There are both individual counseling and group counseling.
(3) The remuneration is discussed individually and understands itself including the legal VAT.
11 Location of consultation
Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the coaching sessions will take place by phone
or online via Skype.If a different location is agreed on for the consultation, an additional
travel allowance will be charged. The height of the lump sum for the journey will be
communicated in advance on request.
12 General information about the consultation
(1) Advice is based on cooperation and mutual trust. In this context I point out that
counseling is a free, active and self-responsible process and a certain success can not be
and not owed.
(2) You are fully responsible for your physical and mental health both during the session
as well as in the phase between appointments. Any action you may take on advice will be in
your own responsibility.
13 secrecy
I oblige myself for the duration of the consultation and also after the termination of the
consultation to maintain silence about all confidential information.
14 Final provisions
(1) The terms and conditions set out here are complete and conclusive. Changes and additions
to these terms and conditions should, for the avoidance of doubt, or to avoid dispute between
the parties over the respective agreed content of the contract, be made in written form, e-mail
is sufficient.
(2) The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is the seat of my company in Nuremberg.
(3) I point out that in addition to the ordinary legal process, you have the possibility of out-ofcourt settlement of disputes according to Regulation (EU)
No. 524/2013. For details see Regulation (EU) No.
524/2013 and at the Internet address :
According to § 36 VSBG I point out that I am not obligated to participate in out-of-court
dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.
(4) Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective, the contract will not be
affected in any other part.