we women speak very little about our needs, our health or our sexuality. my gut tells me that men speak even less about it. actually, I often hear this from my male clients who are not sure with whom they could even talk about these topics.

despite the fact that we are in the Age of Information, where everything is available at one click, it often seems that the connection between human nature and sexuality is stuck.

so… how would a man know how to stimulate a Yoni?

how can he know what a woman likes?
who could shed light onto it?
where does he get his information from?
how would he play with his tactile skills?
where could he even practice?

those who like to touch will certainly have tried a thing or two to make a Yoni happy. find out here what Yoni actually means.

true Yoni Lovers are fascinated by the exploration of the p*ssy.

in today’s day and age, there are countless courses in which you can learn how to make a Yoni happy.

“this is how you touch the Yonii”
“this makes every woman happy”
“learn the vaginal massage”
“get her to orgasm quickly”
“this is how you stimulate the clitoris”

these courses usually include techniques, tricks, and certain moves. ‘rub here, twist there, then press, then clockwise, etc etc… here is where I have learned a lot throughout the years!

there is a lot to be learned, and for the Yoni enthusiast-to-be, it may be a bit of a job memorizing everything in the ‘right’ way and applying it to the right vagina at the right moment.

fact: I admire people who decide to learn how to please their partner(s) through touch, to caress and stimulate them. sex is definitely nothing we just ‘do’. it takes some time and effort to overcome the conditioning and to attend such a course. in fact, it’s a rarity, especially in the male-competitive-attitude and the who-knows-it-better-mode.

am I right when I say:
men never really learn directly how they can pleasure a woman?

unless they have a great lover who invites their potential to grow. one who makes very clear announcements and talks about her needs and desires. experience shows that men also strive to make their beloved happy.

but there is a big difference between touch and touch.

touching can mean a mere contact.
touch also means connecting with someone.

while one is a mechanical term, the other one supports a more intimate connection between the giver and receiver. let me elaborate on this a little further …

how does it feel when the man worships the female womb?
when he bows to her and her divine being?
when he meets the Yoni with absolute respect?

here lies, or rather loves, the big difference between touching and touching – I like to compare it to the apotheosis of a Yoni.

we’re so used to casually touching everyday things. to grab them. to swipe the screen. just think of the hours spent on the computer or the phone. it’s such a mechanical process, a modern-human-habit. indeed. our smartphone works like this. Vaginas works differently.

maybe the man already noticed that her clitoris is very playful and happy today. but tomorrow she doesn’t like touch. perhaps today the Yoni liked the touch a bit more static, last time more wild or tomorrow she’s non-responsive. in any case, a Yoni will let you know if she doesn’t find it pleasant or enjoyable – without exception.

it’s wonderful when a man learns how to love and touch a Yoni practically.

but in the end, it doesn’t matter whether he then turns her clit pearl clockwise or rubs it in a zigzag mode. there is much more to that touch – as long as he is aware that the clit pearl is just the tip of the iceberg in the first place.

all of this is irrelevant if he’s not present.
when his mind is already thinking of the orgasm.
when he’s not really attuned to her.
he won’t be able to really appreciate the Yoni.

the sacred portal of Yoni won’t allow him in.
he will never ignite her inner fire.

what is the actual meaning of ‘presence’?
it’s less about the languishing, cliché Hollywood feeling of love, but rather about the complete appreciation for the moment.
the unconditional presence he brings to meeting and touching his partner.
and to be only in this moment – in the here and now.
it doesn’t have to be a relationship, ‘until death parts you’. the connection is not bound by form or obligation.
it could be a relationship that only takes place in this current moment. no more and no less. without referring to what was in the past and without thinking about what may be in the future, but just to be present in that one special moment.

it’s so divine for a man to connect with the Yoni like this.
it’s a beautiful sensation, an honest-to-Goddess explosion of emotions.

‘Violeta, where do I find these men?’ I hear this asked on an almost regular basis.
for me, the Yoni Egg made of Rose Quartz was really a game changer. it was one of the first steps that changed my relationship with myself. being aware of my womb, made it more clear what I want to invite into my life. everything else is history.
you can also book my Pussy Talks Session on how to solve your pleasure blocks and become that woman who attracts men like this.

stay pleasure conscious.


Violeta Labella


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