the womb and her deeper sense

So… you may already know of this word, or maybe you’ve seen it used everywhere in the sex-positive space (and by yours truly)…

yes! you know which word I’m talking about, the one which has the capacity to make a woman understand the power she holds in her body, the one which, personally, makes me feel more at home in my body – drum roll please – the Yoni!

today I’m wanting to dive more into the history of this word and what it represents. I feel like it’s used so much and yet many don’t really understand the gravity of what this word entails. in our modern world, parts of the body are looked at in an anatomical, almost ‘technical’, or in Yoni’s case childish or insulting way. barely anyone calls her by her real name.

Yoni has a far greater meaning than simply describing physical anatomy.

Are you ready for a history lesson? Don’t worry, this one will be nowhere near as boring or whitewashed as the history lessons we had in school as kids..

First things first, what exactly does ‘Yoni’ mean?

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for ‘Sacred Space’ or ‘Source of all Creation’. in Indian and Eastern cultures, Buddhism, Hinduism – it is used to describe the womb, as well as the pussy and pretty much all our beautiful pleasure organs in the female body.
why? well… because our wombs and pussies are indeed very sacred spaces where we give birth to ideas and creations, and it’s essentially our powerhouse as women. it’s the place where we are all born from. it’s a direct connection to God, or Source. It’s as simple as that. the word also has the meaning of ‘place of birth’, ‘place of rest’, and my personal favourite – ‘home’.


in Sanskrit, the very sounds of each letter have sacred meaning. the sounds from the word ‘Yoni’ can be broken down like this:
Y – the animating principle, the heart, the true self within
O – preservation, brightness, vitality
N – lotus, motherhood, the menstrual cycle, nakedness, emptiness, pearl
I – love, desire, consciousness; to shine, to pervade, pain and sorrow

breathe… in all that you are. as you can see, (and probably feel) if you are in the process of building a relationship with your Yoni, through the word Yoni, we get a glimpse of the magnitude of what we hold as women.

in Hinduism, Yoni is the symbol of the Goddess Shakti – the feminine generative power. it is regarded as the home of Tantra.

from the ancient art, cave paintings, and relics made from stone, shell and bone, going back as far as 35,000 BCE showing evidence of the deepest celebration and worship of the divine feminine, birth, menstruation and female sexuality. And these are only the objects humans were able to find, which means Yoni worshipping could go even farther back in time.

contrary to the modern way of naming body parts exclusively in an anatomic way, this appreciative term became my favourite to describe the most precious and powerful part of the female body.

I mean, did you see the meaning of the word Yoni?
How could it not be my favorite description?

and since the Yoni Egg affects ‘not only’ the entire womb, this term is probably the most appropriate.

wait, you haven’t heard of Yoni Eggs? here is how to use it.

with the rise of monotheistic religion, and the ‘all seeing male God’, many Goddess temples and rituals appear to have been destroyed or forced to become secret, and yet, they endured regardless. from the Yoni Puja of India, Sheela na Gig of the Celts, the moon Goddesses of many ancient peoples, to teachings around menstruation, birth and sacred sexuality. from folk tales, songs, dances, ceremonies of awe and wonder passed down through rich culture, Goddess and Yoni honouring has cracked through the harsh suppression it has endured throughout centuries. it appears that you cannot suppress the thirst for life and creative flow.

my hope and wish is for each woman to travel the transformational journey back to the seat of her own authority, to a place of timeless wisdom. I am offering individual courses for women and they experience profound life changes.
as you build a deeper, richer relationship with the Yoni – this realignment within each woman of the split between heart, sex and soul – brings back into balance her own dance of the inner and outer femininity.

like every muscle, the pelvic floor and womb should be kept in a vital shape, promoting good strength and health. Yoni Eggs support these pretty subtle movements so that these hidden muscles can be toned up. And what better tool to start with, than with a Yoni Egg. did you know that Jade Egg is our most popular choice for beginners? give it a try and see your Yoni blossoming.

from my Yoni to your Yoni,

Violeta Labella

p.s. did you know that many women approach me with the wish to buy a Yoni? it amuses me in some way, as they are so cute when asking. imagine their smile when I tell them that they already have one – I am only able to assist with Yoni … Eggs. and even the best a Yoni can wish for.

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