mothers of little kids rarely get much sleep. within the first year they sleep on an average of 1055 hours less than before.

suddenly life runs automatically and all needs and desires of the new born come first. it’s natural to dive into this new role and to watch and admire the little life blooming in front of you. it’s as well a time of struggle as you might get overwhelmed with all the changes life is suddenly offering. time passes too quickly and rarely any mother says she has plenty of it…

exactly this is the reason for the ‘new mama’ to look for a practical-hassle-free-every-day-solution to re-tone the pelvis and re-connect with her womb. Yoni Eggs offer perfect solution for beautiful Mums…

one mum asked me for advise recently: her midwife told her to not wear a Yoni Egg up to 1 year after giving birth.

there are 3 truths to that:

MINE: that I strongly believe in the rebuilding of tissue, the sooner the woman start supporting herself. this is based on the fact that I am myofascial bodyworker and therapist and I have worked and supported quite a few Yonis in various stages of life.

THE MIDWIFE’S: she knows lots about pregnant women and surely about the body of the woman she is supporting, I don’t. it’s impossible to evaluate this from a distance. therefore she might be in a better position to say so.

MAMA’S: this is what I teach in my classes and want every women to understand. you don’t need me, or anybody else to tell you what do to. you know within. unshed the layers and listen to what your womb is telling you. then follow it.

especially in the past few years, since I use the power of Yoni Eggs, reconnecting to my deep rooted wisdom and inner strength, fine tuning the sensations and informations… I kept following my very intuition, no matter how intelligent an outside advise was. my mind would scream NOOOOO! yet, my decision has always proven to be right.

and maybe your remember one of my previous articles…


with love.