What about CARE?

Once you receive it and between every use sterilize your egg. Most convenient is using hot water. Let the water boil and wait that it cools a bit, enough to put your fingers in it. Set your egg in a bowl; pour water until the egg is submerged. Keep it in for 15 minutes. Pour some cold water now and touch the egg only when it cooled down. You can add some grains of Himalayan or good quality Sea Salt.

Stones are powerful and can pick up vibrations with your prayers and intentions. Put your intention into the water and stone as you cleanse and charge it. You may as well charge your egg on full or dark moon or whatever your spirit guides you to do.

Please, do not use any soap, brushes, and detergents.

Last words…

We have researched and shared these semi-precious stones to our best knowledge. We know they are safe to use. Please switch on your brain to ensure your well-being, follow your intuition. In case you feel like sharing something with us, experiences, and special information, how much you love your egg… let us know.

Most of the rocks are shiny and pretty, some bit rough. Same like our friends. They might not all be pretty, but they must feel right on our side. And nevertheless, we still keep on loving them.

*The use of eggs internally is at your own discretion.