‘is it hygienic?’
‘is it more complicated?’
‘shot through! is that any good?’

statements of this kind make me shiver. many unsatisfying statements when it comes to the decision about (un)drilled Yoni Eggs. if you search the world wide web, you’ll find plenty of unqualified info.

a trend has developed, that is based on inadequate knowledge that intends to do with women exactly what all other systems are doing – manipulation.
* to invalidate her self knowledge * designing Fear a la Carte!
dear Yoni Egg Rocks friend!

there is no difference between a drilled Yoni Egg and a non-drilled Yoni Egg – except one: one has a little hole the other one not.

here my 5 brief thoughts on this, more details in my video.

1. Yoni Eggs are carefully drilled, not shot through. no professional would shoot gemstones or crystals.

2. the cleansing process is pretty much the same. my punched ones always received an extra cleanse inside the perforation.

3. most hygienic is using dental of hemp floss. always new, with every use. at times I let the floss dance through.

4. drilling of Yoni Eggs influences its energy, that’s true. however, our team does so, before the egg is a Yoni Egg, and thus can preserve the quality as much as possible.

5. As a woman, you are worthy, whether your Yoni Egg is drilled or not. NEVER, I repeat: NEVER think, you are less ………. (valuable, healthy, feminine,… or: add whatever) if you use one with floss.

every Yoni Egg that has chosen you knows exactly why it wants to come into your life. every desire, every need of a woman – every fear and emotion is seen and recognised. respected and valued.

it is a pleasure for me, and meanwhile I too recognise the necessity to talk more about this in coloured-moving pictures soon…

with anticipation.
and excitement.