12 cm – vivacious, stimulating, transformative
awaken your pleasure

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Wands are fabulous little magicians made to be inserted into the Yoni. they serve to stimulate and revive the womb area, because the Magic Wand can be integrated into your selflove practice or into the love making with your partner.

but above all it's useful for massage and loosening of hardened, scarred or not so sensitive parts of our Yoni. so while they definitely serve our selflove rituals, they are not exclusively suitable for sensory experience only.

they also bring other different qualities with them.

what could you do with your Yoni Wand?

  • <3 lovemaking - with yourself and the pleasure play with your partner
  • <3 de-armouring - releasing stress from your fascia, scars and blockages
  • <3 treats - the conscious introduction of CBD, vitamin D3, or coconut oil

the stone qualities and their intensities serve only as an example of the fact that the Yoni Wands are diverse in their size and texture and can therefore also work differently for every Yoni. in addition, each own and individual use can bring a huge variety of experiences.

about practialities: both ends of the wand can be used depending on how and where you want to massage; how 'strong' or 'refined' the massage of the individual areas of your Yoni should be.

to loosen the myofascial tissue of your Vagina, but also to relax the Yoni and the pelvic floor, the 'more pointed end' could be more beneficial - but not exclusively.

women who suffer from vaginitis, have scarring in the womb area, suffer from a too tight Yoni and experience enormous menstrual cramps or pain during lovemaking, benefit from the advantages of this Yoni Wand.

from my professional expertise: often only one of the mentioned experiences start inviting the other ones.

!!! Important Info: the information I am sharing here is based on my daily work with women as a Practitioner of Natural Feminine Health & Vitality Arts. it is important to me to mention that I do not want to program a cure and my information is not medical. the information you receive from us should be checked upon your own needs and conditions to your individual process.

for my part, I can see the various benefits of wands as valuable, but please check them out for yourself.