a group of Soldiers marching in step can let a bridge vibrate, and actually make them collapse. when groups of this kind sing aloud and consequently breathe in the same rhythm, their force increases and their strength allows them to eventually travel long keeping their energy, even move armoured forces, or cheer up crowds. imagine the power of Womanhood were we to look at each other with the sense of equality, compassion, love and care for each of the feminine beings on this planet?

nothing is as tough as a woman’s verdict about another woman. nothing is as cruel as women who fail to understand the diversity of our feminine beings, while we are equal in many ways. we are only separated by our way of thinking. we are only separated through imposed belief systems, manmade borders, superficial looks and values that never made it to the list of feminine qualities anyway.

could we, Sisters, altogether raise our arms to lift each other up? could we hold each others hands if one needs our support? could we cultivate the feminine? could we enhance sensitivity? could we embrace sexuality? could we teach our daughters to live their lives fully? could we let them live their truth? could we protect our ageing mothers, so they can find some peace in their old days?

could we, Womanhood, march in the rhythm of our breath, step to the beat of our humming drums and shake bridges that are not nourishing Mother Earth? could we stand in a circle, altogether so that our commitment for life rises like the flames in our hearts? could we all sing the same song, tied with our passion to encourage each other?

we can stand. strong. together. like an army. like soldieress of Divinity.

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