it could have been imperfection that I felt every time I looked at my body. the dissatisfaction paired with the doubt that I’m physically sexy in any way.

could it be that this hell of a disbelief was my guardian angel? the exploration of this became a necessity.
so, Yoni Egg Rocks became my source of enrichment, long before it took today’s form.
soon I began to understand what true, embodied femininity means to me. not the definition from magazines, books, role models or superstars. it’s the one where you stand as a women, like someone has planted you. your roots deep, your spirit high. your center strong and your heart open. through my self-experience I feel empowered to support other women on their journey.

why should we say that self-love and self-acceptance are easy to achieve? accept yourself, all will fall into place… we have an identity that we have built up all our lives and made to the woman we are today.


to love your own body should be easy as loving a special type of chocolate… (to me it’s Bounty Bar in Bali’s unique raw food bar Alchemy). there is hardly any one better for me than this chocolate. I don’t easily go for any other. all others seems just a substitute for a cavity that Bounty Bar only can fill – because I love it just as it is.

our life is subject to a mentaly-conditioned pollution of the mind.
do we really need to change the shape of your body to meet the shape of our beliefs? or should we rather bring in sufficient awareness, enough curiosity, shower ourselves with enough tenderness?
soooo much that previous decisions about our being, only based on the form of the body dissolve completely.

we can not be straight lines. we have to be curvy, crisp, warm, pulsating and soft … occasionally also a bit chaotic, with confused thoughts. entangled like headphone cables.

when the form of your body no longer matches the shape of your imagination how you should be as a being … only then does real life begin.

stay sexy. stay the way you are.

love yourself.