until that one day, when my employer gave me a uniform skirt to wear. I stayed with my winter uniform version, until the Greek sun made me and my pussy melt away.

ultimately, I took this piece of cloth, pulled it over my head and wore it and thought everyone would call me a ragamuffin… years later I was re-introduced to skits, dresses and all in flowing materials. meanwhile I hardly wear trousers. my energy has changed ever since, and indeed. my Yoni feels very free and I there is the touch of lightness around me. my dresses’ layers dance with every step and allow my hips to follow their rhythm. I do definitely feel more feminine and softer when wearing skirts…

but, did you know?

I recently read…”… when in civilizations women wore skirts and dresses, it’s because there was the belief that the energy of a man and woman is different.

it’s said, that the woman receives energy from Mother Earth in form of fertility and goodness, stability and peace.


The lower part of the skirt forms a triangle with the Earth. while walking, the skirt twists around the legs, making torsion fields, which boost the energy from Earth.
The woman’s energy is accumulated in her uterus. When she wears trousers, she stops the energy flow from the Earth. Her energy exchange is disturbed. when women feed their spirit in the masculine style; they start to interact as a man. Often it finds expression in dis-comfort and dis-ease.
The woman basic condition is harmony. the long skirt and dress give a natural delay in her movement, allowing her receptivity, making her peaceful.”

peace is our natural state of being. it is the layers of conditioning that encapsulates us.

liberate your hips and wear light, move easily and walk freely.

feel the vibration of your own body and the yumminess with every step.

with a full heart.

and dolce movements.