you’re reading up on the net…
women enthusiastically report about their Yoni Egg, their experiences, the changes it brought into their lives.
they say: her period is more balanced, her backs feels better, suddenly her pelvis is revived, the menopause feels lighter, her sex drive changes … and you? …
that thought bothers you:
‘Nothing happens to me.
Maybe a little bit? Nope, sooooo nothing.
ah come on, really? … so nothing, that I do not even feel anything there. could there be something wrong with me?’

be without worry. worries only cause strange wrinkles on your forehead and you should wipe them off anyway when it comes to Yoni Eggs (the worries, not the wrinkles …)

there are different levels of experience with the Yoni Eggs. not everyone will experience the same at every point or even consistently over long periods of time. this is as natural as the cycles and everything else nature has created.

here are the different options of how your Yoni Egg might ‘introduce’ itself.

When I pick your magician or pack it up for mailing, there’s a slight tingle – you know it already … it started the journey.

you are connected with it before wearing. simply looking at it, or placing it in your hands. like when you meet someone you have not met in a long time. it feels so familiar.

you are experiencing big changes, when you insert your Yoni Egg. suddenly lots start happening in your womb. this experience is inexplicable, because it feels like a clean up, invigorating, loosening, warming, pulsating, … or even everything at the same time. for many women, this condition is hard to describe.

while wearing it, you do not feel anything at all, you just think – what nonsense you’re up to again. once you remove your Yoni Egg and your pelvis begins to perform an unknown dance. this kind of dance that nobody sees but you feel it throughout your body.

maybe the changes are only subtly perceived. some gentle pulling, softness, nothing special … and then you catch yourself having a bearable period, a more intimate love act with your partner or some shameless, wild sex with the new lover … it definitely feels different. your experience is different. the intensity. and you. something has changed. and you will slowly discover to what extent this experience is caused by your new Yoni Egg.

ah … you didn’t ask all that?
your question turns move like a never-ending merry-go-around in the head:
if I do not feel anything, am I wrong?
what’s wrong with me?
am I that disconnected from myself?
why does everyone else feel and I don’t?
and with each of these questions the carrousel moves faster, the sounds in your head are louder?

you remember when I said … do not worry …
I’d like to assure you that you are NOT wrong.

let’s take a tour to our pelvis and a look at the pelvic floor.

this pelvic floor – the mystical muscle, consists – anatomically speaking – of myofascial tissue. fascia is known as the greatest sensory organ of our body.

certainly one or the other has ever heard of fascia training in the gym. well, it’s not even even close to that! what became a fitness trend is one of the most complex parts of our body …. and no … you do not learn all about fascia in a quickie weekend-workshop and the pelvic floor is not to be tortured with a black roll.

Pooh … you see: I am already losing myself in it. as a fascial expert with a therapist approach, I could talk about it for hours.

In short: these fascia harden in stress and tension like any other tissue in our body -> it reacts with hardening, bonding and stiffening, it becomes numb.

here’s a simple example so you can better imagine what I’m talking about …

you wear your handbag on your shoulder. and I am sure you can relate to this … often it’s habitually always the same shoulder. so we always have pretty much the same weight and string on the same side. our shoulder reacts to it – tightens, becomes firm, stiff, numb. the other shoulder is participating intensely, because it’s trying to make up for it. at some point you carried so much bags and whatever… so that you decide:
you treat yourself to a massage.

this can be very strong, dynamic or very delicate, feather-light. occasionally it causes a change immediately, sometimes little later, and sometimes … at first we feel no change.
it is a very individual feeling. none of us feel this massage the same.

it might be an instant change, and sometimes even three or four massages are necessary. only then we start feeling a change in our posture, the shoulder softens, we notice the bag with their weight again, … and and and …

it’s very similar with the Yoni Egg. your little wizard will intuitively find the spot in your Yoni where something needs to be done. it will start working, kneading, massaging. it solves what needs to be done this time. once the Yoni Egg has done this work, it will find its way out.

like a good massage therapist, the masseur also knows when enough is done at one body part. whether we perceive it or not is very individual. an effect is definitely given and will show up after some time. how long that takes depends on how deep the body has ‘stored’ the tension. remember the bag? you might still feel that weight on your shoulders, even if your took it down after some time.

to release these deep stored tensions and numbness you need time and patience. you need this patience with yourself, your Yoni Egg and your Yoni. give yourself this time, love and mindful wearing.

with your Yoni Egg you will bring more awareness into your Yoni’verse. to awaken that part slowly. because the goal, as long as we can speak at all of goals when it comes to Yoni Eggs, is to gently and sustainably solve your crispy areas. to turn the insensitive parts slowly and deliberately.

give yourself the time and thus the opportunity to integrate these experiences and make them fully usable for you. let them flow into every area of ​​your life. integrate them into your everyday experiences, as well like into your lovemaking.

your Yoni Egg teaches you self-respect, love and above all patience. and thus it keeps you on your way to yourself, your awesome body and the miraculous new, multi-layered pleasurable experiences. in all ways to feel the woman that you are.

with love.
and mindfulness.