how to wear your Yoni Egg in your moon time?

when it comes to how, when and how often you can wear the Yoni Egg, this question always arises: ‘can the Yoni Egg be worn during the period?’

probably you’ve already read that the menstruation is one of the exclusion phases – a time when the Yoni Egg should not be worn.

our menstruation brings different qualities with it, so wearing it at this stage of your monthly cycle is not recommended.

every precious stone or crystal, especially the more sensitive ones, can be changed by the bleeding.

our Yoni’s state is ‘acidic’’ with an average ph value of 4.5. that’s natural and serves the Yoni best as a protective shield. the period increases Yoni’s ph to 7.5. this sudden altering can stress the Yoni occasionally. it’s as well a phase very prone to infections.

the menstrual blood can attack the surface of the Yoni Egg. this makes them unusable and internal wearing is no longer safe. Yoni eggs, which are made of materials that are geared towards a regular ph-value of the Yoni and are beneficial only in that state.

it’s also important to mention that the tissue and mucous membranes are particularly delicate and sensitive during menstruation. many women experience a higher circulation and more blood supply of the uterus. it swells up to 30% and more.
during this time, many different processes take place in the body. the organs sometimes push down a little. do you experience as well more urge to urinate in this time?

you may also know the feeling of a slightly rounded belly just before and during your moon time. which can lead to the Yoni Egg trying to find space and create some ‘freedom of movement’. many women told me that it usually finds its way out.

maybe you don’t want to wear a Yoni Egg in that time. you might already be busy with pressure in your boobies, strain in your back, you are tired, in a sensitive mood. if you have no impulse whatsoever, don’t wear it anyway. you might be more interested in indulging chocolate than Yoni Egg experiences. so do that.

our period blood has a downward direction. ideally it should have the freedom to flow and shouldn’t be hindered by a Yoni Egg. one of my clients described it beautifully:
‘the moon time is very special.
an opportunity to retreat,
calm down,
rest and
give the period the space it needs to serve us.’

our zeitgeist hardly gives the chance to retreat and to recognize her as a blessing. I bet you’ve heard at least once : ‘period, so what?’
some women feel that way, many actually don’t. resting actually corresponds to our natural cycle.
we need this phase to deepen our experience, bear insights and restore our softness. to regenerate and prepare for the next cycle. eventually letting go of the old and creating space for the new.
read more about our natural cycles in another article where I focus on all 4 phases and what they stand for.

should you question your ‘Yoni intelligence’, she will advise you not to wear your Yoni Egg in your menstruation time. at least if she’s in her right mind.

enjoy wearing it on non-bleeding days!


Violeta Labella

p.s. sometimes it also happens that the period starts while you’re wearing your Yoni Egg, or that your period returns briefly. what do do?

should it happen to you,, it’s not a big deal. imagine it a bit like not removing your makeup before going to bed. once it happens, it is ok and would usually have no major impact. in the long run, forgetting it regularly however, it will not contribute to your radiant beauty.