one of our regulars, ambassador of IKYA Meditation™️ Sandra Nicole Pfaller thinks our Yoni Eggs are so yummie… she could nibble on… heeee.. we are not eating Yoni Eggs. they might be a bit crispy on our teeth.

but WHERE what do we do with a Yoni Egg? like… we stick it in our Pussy? we insert them into the vagina? really?

Yoni Eggs have the reputation to be this mega-fantastic-super-great new tool that creates magic and happiness everywhere-women. indeed, a woman who is aware of her senses and capable to connect with her womb, experiences rather sooner than later a blooming effect in her pelvis. yet, many think it’s a mockery and a new eso-glitter-unicorn world invention. mostly both of it.

so, if you are stuck to believe in their power, stop reading here and now. you might find happiness in back pain, bladder weakness or enjoy numb-billiard-cue-style-in-and-our-sex. I’ve been told these are amazing experiences.

if you want to open up, your mind and your Yoni for a little improvement of your imagination… then read this.

Yoni Egg Rocks exists since half a decade. with time and experience, we have put together some of the ultimative-bestestestest ways of Yoni Egg pleasure.


one of the main uses is to insert it in your vagina and let the Yoni Egg do the rest. it will sit comfortably in the middle part of your vagina and move, challenge your muscles or allow them to rest.


I am a friend of personal, dedicated courses, where each women with her own story and her own pussy learns what is best for her – and what will support her intentions. look up some of my events. join, if you are around.


you can use the Yoni Egg as a healing or meditation tool to release what’s holding you back. during meditation set it up in a place very special to you. your Yoni Egg is a powerful support for cleansing energies physically and energetically and could support your with its powerful ways of connect on all levels.


our body could always do with an extra portion of love. you can use the Yoni Egg to massage every part of it, it will welcome the energetic properties of the stone and support you in releasing unwanted energies. Smooth as it is, use it for vaginal massage before inserting it. it’s delightful. my personal favourite is coconut oil to keep it all smooth and yummie.


at days, when using the Yoni Egg internally is not possible, I don’t want to miss out on the support it gives me. I love using it when travelling or working… hands in Bhairavi Mudra, which is very powerful for the sacral chakra – inviting the Shakti aspect, consciousness and manifestation. my hands are below my belly button, both palms facing up. left hand rests in right hand, elbows naturally tend to the side. I place my Yoni Egg in my left palm and benefit from its healing energy.


some of the beautiful ways of sharing Yoni Eggs is to tell your best friend, mother, daughter or sister about it. tell them about your experiences, expand your level of consciousness and sisterhood. the world needs more women balancing strength and grace.


use the Yoni Egg while love making. it’s supportive for cervical orgasms. you haven’t had one yet… well… move away from the clit rubbing level and experience one of this kind. it will open you up for a new Yoniverse. (please consult with your gyn if you are wearing IUD)
I believe in consensual experiences… ask your partner for his permission to use it during love making. the Yoni Egg will stimulate his penis, as it will rhythmically touch the tip of it. I have been told it’s very stimulating. give it a try…

any new ideas? looking forward to reading more!

with love.


ATTENTION: don’t use it, if you want to stay in known waters. many women have been continuously improving their vitality and wellbeing. they were left in awe and fascination of how their woman-life have transformed to the better.

photo: Sandra Nicole Pfaller – IKYA Meditation TM