the tempting, mystical Yoni Egg

like every element of nature, stones have their specific qualities. some of them stand for calmness, simplicity and clarity. others turn on your passion, create dynamics or bring manifestation.

occasionally, if we look very closely, we’ll even recognize potentially equal energies at the opposite poles.
water for – example – is cleansing and refreshing. however water can also be drowning and destructive. (hmmm …. it’s not only once I observed this when watering my plants)

properties that people have observed over time are often attributed to the natural elements. it’s this type of knowledge that is not written down and engraved in stone. let’s regard it as something related to our deep impulses, ideologies and observations.

it took me by surprise that the Black Jade was supposed to be the stone of the devil.
‘that’s an interesting point of view’, I thought to myself.

the concept of the devil is unknown to me. this guy was never present in my life. maybe it was my upbringing. or we probably already live in a time when this really does not sound realistic anymore.
do you believe in it?
since I don’t know exactly and prefer to observe than judge, I can only imagine this devil as something negative. at least it often gives the impression when I was told about him.

the dark is more likely to be associated with the negative and the bad, while the light often brims with positivity.

dark means mystical. the Yoni Egg made of black jade has, just like any other stone, its qualities and maybe that black, mystical witchiness has given it a negative reputation.

speaking of witches… those were often portrayed as very ugly, scabby and old. how do we actually know that they weren’t actually the beautiful and powerful women? the fearless, wise, liberated ones, who have had an intimidating effect.
terrifying for the society at that time and the prevailing systems. in this century we should meanwhile know how the image of women was drawn in past times and why ‘being different’ was disreputable?

are you afraid of the depths of the ocean or the darkness of the night? look how many mountains are climbed every day. only a few venture into the profoundness of the oceans. and only a few dare to explore the deep vastness of wild femininity.
the feminine – still not fully researched in 2020. just think of the orgasm, the G-spot, the cervix or her ability to pleasure in general.

we are constantly exposed to both positive and negative energies. duality is present everywhere in nature.
day and night.
summer and winter.
sun and moon.

if we look at the coloring of the respective elements, black stands for winter, for the night and also for the female energy.

black contains the entire spectrum of all colors and therefore, in my opinion, also stands for abundance. one of the main qualities that distinguish women.

out of our fullness new life can arise in us, we give birth and nourish a human being ‘only’ through the power of our bodies.

according to Eastern medicine, black (or dark blue) is associated with the kidneys. this is the organ that represents our life energy, i.e. the seat of our life force. if we look at Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda, some really ancient medicinal wisdom or the shamanic tradition, then the black is often said to be very powerful.

look at the sky and try to find stars during daytime!
yes, they are there.
and no, you will only be able to see them when it’s dark.

therefore it is understandable that the energy of a Black Jade Yoni Egg is an awe-inspiring one.

Black Jade can support the disconnection of areas in life that are negatively affected. after years of rejection I started recognizing these powers as support tool. here it plays mainly in its strong protective effect – it serves as a protective shield from negative energies and works to encourage and strengthen the inner posture.

it has a deep-seated effect of support the development of your potential and facing your shadows. grow out of it and walk through life some stronger.

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a Yoni Egg made of Black Jade is a very potent stone and definitely suitable for every woman who is ready to work on herself.
the one who has collected memories and experiences that she wants to clear for herself.
who is brave to leave behind all that doesn’t serve her anymore.
she, who does not fear the devil or anything else that stands in her way.

the woman who is aware that light can only be recognized in darkness.
the woman who knows that through that it will shine even brighter.

I look forward to supporting you on your path to a radiant woman.


Violeta Labella

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