Our Yoni Egg Rocks magicians are made of materials that are suitable for internal use. These Yoni Eggs reflect an average of 7 on the Mohs-Scale. This is the international standard that distinguishes stones by their degrees of hardness, with Talc being 1 and the Diamonds being 10.

At some later point, I’ll share with you more about the manufacturing process of our Yoni Eggs. It differentiates from other manufacturers, thus very unique and makes our products so special. Those who wear one, can tell the difference.

Your Yoni Egg has the honorable tasks to clean up your depths of information that have been embedded both structurally and energetically. This may have happened suddenly (e.g., during pregnancy or injury), or developed over a very long period of time (which is typically the case), or a combination of both. You might even carry the information over several generations.

But since all this is linked, this can sometimes mean a lot of work for your Yoni Egg, and the little helpers are already in a position to take on a lot. so, these are my recommendations on how to care about your Yoni Egg.


Always – I repeat – ALWAYS! clean your Yoni Egg before wearing it. even if you’ve cleaned it after your last use. remember! the Yoni Egg absorbs everything that happens around you. and you do not really want to have all this unfiltered in your Yoni.

Some recommend to clean the Yoni Egg with warm, tap water and soap. Well, I do not.


While tap water could be of drinking quality and in some places really very tasty, I often wonder about the condition of the pipes. I find lead and other deposits in pipes not particularly tasty, my Yoni won’t like it either.


not using it for my body, so not for my Yoni Eggs either. and we are not going to name now all possible soap types and brands… easiest is.. no soap.


If you have a cluster of clear crystal or amethyst, you can store your Yoni Eggs with them or bathe it with those. In case some light shines on it, even better. The clear crystal, for example, absorbs light and reflects, which promotes further and deeper cleansing.


I also clean the Yoni Eggs by using the power of the incense to clean my Yoni Egg energetically. I burn some sage leaves or a piece of Palo Santo.


Sound has the power to clear crystals and semi-precious stones. Whether you use a bell or sound bowl, it doesn’t matter. I often chant mantras while I am packing them for travels.


Asians and Africans, my hosts for many years, cleanse their stones with brown rice. The bury it in a bag and leave it there overnight. The rice is actually a nourisher, strength-giver. Both, in dietary as well like energetic means. No surprise really, as it is considered as staple food.


Since stones are a creation of nature, and come from the earth, they are also buried in this to support a deep cleansing.

At the very last, when the time has come, you can also return your Yoni Egg back to the Earth to reside there forever.


This method can also easily be used. Simply activate the intention and use it for cleansing.


One of my favorite ways to recharge stones is to ‘bathe’ them in the light or absende of full or dark moon. They always feel very clear and pure afterwards.

Now these are all ways to clean your Yoni Egg energetically. But please consider where you’re using your Yoni Egg intentionally. Since the environment of the Yoni is acidic, her ph-level is at times down to 2-3, it’s of utmost importance to clean it structurally (or physically). Only when caring properly of your Yoni Egg, it’s safe to use and will give you long lasting joy and pleasure.


Always make sure you are boiling the water, and add your Yoni Egg into it. Boiling water can burst your stones burst or destroy the surface, so always make sure it is cooled down to lukewarm. The Yoni Egg should remain there at least until the water has cooled down.

In case:

  • you DO NOT find your Yoni Egg
  • can NOT insert it again
  • can HARDLY hold it, although it was not an issue before…

… then please consider that your Yoni Egg may have already cleansed and clarified a lot. It may be overstrained. Also your Yoni could be exhausted and still try to absorb the experience when you wore it before.

Give it a thought – have you cleaned it sufficiently, charged properly?
even more important:Have you taken your own time for relaxation and integration?

If not, let this sink. It has taken us a lifetime to get where we are, now we should take it easy to return to our fullest power.


by the way, I have never taken a Yoni Egg out of the toilet bowl to use it again. While there are different debates to that degree of purity, the possibilities of cleaning, etc. one thing is clear to me … Toilets are often cleaned with aggressive detergents. My Yoni Egg will be influenced by that. It might still be suitable as a piece of jewellery, or meditation, but it’s place is not in my Yoni.

One thing I really like very much by the way, but try it carefully, as it might not be delightful to you too… I massage my Yoni Eggs with Coconut Oil, before wearing it. That makes it supple and warm, the fragrance gives me a warm, cosy feeling in my Yoni, my senses start the sensational journey, and I feel the sweet vibration already before inserting it. my Yoni welcomes it in the most sensual way…

I know, I know … have probably lived too long in coconut zones. A very clear case of wanderlust or my personal tropical longing.

May you experience only pleasures with your Yoni Egg Rocks magicians.

in love.